WindMine aims to create a link between sustainable energy production and the blockchain community, providing an opportunity to partner in a project building a sustainable business for decades to come.


WindMine is built on a number of professionals from within the energy sector and has identified several strategic locations across Northern Europe from which to launch the wind farms (both existing and newly built), that will be scope of this project. At the same time WindMine team does not limit itself to wind energy only, work towards solar and hydropower projects are also in the progress.


Latvia is a perspective country located within the European Union. Its geographical location makes it an ideal place to house wind farms due to the exchanging wind currents that pass over the country.


The European Union splits its power regions into different zones, effectively managing the distribution of electricity from within the European Union itself, ensuring that it is not importing electricity from any other source. Member states (countries) are free to sell energy to other countries within the European Union, meaning that if it is more profitable to sell electricity to other countries rather than use it domestically, most of that electricity will leave the country.


Latvia is in a fortunate position where it is surrounded by other countries that also have access to renewable energy sources; as such, there is the ability to sell their generated energy directly to the country, which in turn may choose to sell it to the citizens of said country (at a lower rate, thanks to the large amount of energy available to citizens) or sell it to another member state to make a profit.


Either way, its entry into the market will benefit not only the citizens of Latvia, but also citizens of other countries within the European Union. Current location that has been selected will house wind farm of total output capacity of 60MW. The wind farm project that is presented in this document is only the first stage of the project, which in the event of successful crowdfunding proves the project to be effective, will have additional power plants. This is an important fact that you should remember when looking at the rest of this document; the company has access to acquire different sites; this is huge as it impacts the raise amounts being sought by the company.


The primary objective of the project is to produce 100% renewable, independently-produced energy and sell the most part of it to the NordPool open market; in parallel, we want to develop alternative services and sales channels to diversify revenue streams and increase ROI of the company, utilizing the revenue from conventional energy sales. Understanding that energy demands will continue to rise over the coming decades, we commit to produce 100% renewable energy, being absolutely convinced of stability of demand in the foreseeable future.


By selling electricity directly to the international grid, it can be used by the grid to outweigh the amount of electricity that has been produced from non-renewable and potentially polluting sources; also, it will increase Latvia’s energetic independence from external sources. Currently, Latvia purchases around 2TWh of energy from external sources every year. Needless to say, the economics of the country will only benefit from an increase in local energy production, positively affecting wellbeing of all inhabitants of Latvia being supplied with energy from a local and fully renewable source.


  • Kaspars Zvaigzne
    Founder and CEO
  • Kristaps Stepanovs
    Co-founder and leading professional of renewable energy project development
  • Māris Brieze
    Financial analyst and risk management officer
  • Guntars Vempers
    Highest demanded engineer in the Baltic region
  • Māris Linde
    Experienced business process developer
  • Viesturs Brakovskis
    Practicing commercial lawyer
  • Cal Evans
    International technology lawyer
  • Kristaps Mikasenoks
    Holds BCompSc degree and has 6 years of web development experience


  • 1st Quarter 2019
    Windmine AG STO
  • 2nd Quarter 2019
    Initiation of contruction processes and technology orders
  • 3rd Quarter 2019
    PPA (power purchase agreement) signed
  • 2nd Quarter 2020
    Launch of production and Energy sales

Token Sale
  • Payment Methods
  • Minimum Investment Goal
    20 MM EUR
  • Investment Goal
    65 MM EUR
  • Minimum Investment
    $ 1,138
  • Maximum Investment
    $ 113,845
  • Public Sale Price
    1.00 EUR
Token Details
  • Ticker
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Token Standard
  • Total Token Supply
    65 MM
  • Available for Sale
    65 MM
  • % Available for Sale
Investor Requirements
  • Whitelist / KYC / AML
    Whitelist, KYC, AML Required
Company Profile
  • Legal Name
    WindMine AG PCC
  • Company #
  • Company Type
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Incorporation
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Registered Office
    Wuhrstrasse 14, 9490, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
  • Founder(s)
  • Regulation
    US Securities and Exchange Commission - Reg D (506b, 506c)

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