Veritoken is a company focused on returning power to the individual when it comes to control of their personal data. An intrinsically GDPR-compliant solution, Veritoken enables users to retain control and ownership of their data.


Business Value Proposition
• Global data privacy standards are coming, either by way of self-regulation or state mandate.
• Centralized storage systems are the current state-of-the-art, and will on a long enough time horizon lead to ruin for all parties involved.
• Blockchain in general and Veritoken’s implementation of non-fungible tokens in particular, provides a unique and powerful way to return data ownership to the individual.
• We believe there’s a case and a method for data protection and ownership as a fundamental right of individuals and organizations.
• Censorship resistance is a fundamental function of individual data ownership.
• Veritoken’s specific implementation of non-fungible tokens promises to bring balance to information and communications marketplaces where imbalances of power presently exist


Team members (2)

  • Anne Ward
  • Mark Hopkins

Advisors (10)

  • Jason Dekker
    CEO at GoChain
  • Brittany Kaiser
    Former Business Development Director: Cambridge Analytica, Co-Founder: Bueno Capital
  • Tor Bair
    Head of Growth/Marketing at Enigma, MIT MBA
  • Steve Sarner
    VP at Goodreads (An Amazon Company)
  • Naomi Assaraf
    Founder & CMO at cloudHQ
  • Cody Marx Bailey
    Co-author of ERC 721, Crypto Asset Investments, Blockchain Technologist
  • Joel Ward
    Sr. Decision Scientist (Machine Learning) at Conversant
  • Rob Gonzalez
    Founder at ARS Capital
  • John Sutton
    Global Food Importer, Partner: SBP Holdings
  • Richard Margolin
    CTO & Co-Founder, RoboKind


Phase One
Business Development and Standards Development
Veritoken will introduce an ERC20 Token, which will be used as the form of payment between blockchain participants (e.g. candidates and recruiters). Our first phase of development will be working with our partners in the data provision side of the marketplace to better understand the economics around the service of providing data.

Phase Two
Semi-Federated Model, HR, Talent and Recruiting-focused
Develop a reference implementation for the HR, Talent and Recruiting industry. This proof-of-concept will require the development of blockchain-based underpinnings, as well as a traditional LAMP or MEAN stack style infrastructure for a website.

Phase Three
Maturation of the Technology
By Phase 3, we expect the blockchain ecosystem to have matured to the point where we can make the determination as to whether Veritoken will live on as an Ethereum-based blockchain or migrate to its own blockchain. Ultimately, it is the goal of Veritoken to operate on a single-tenant blockchain that is Proof-of-Stake and Turing Complete.

Token Sale
  • Payment Methods
  • Minimum Investment Goal
  • Investment Goal
  • Bonus and Discount System
  • Minimum Investment
  • Maximum Investment
  • Public Sale Price
Asset Details
  • Use of Proceeds
Token Details
  • Ticker
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Token Standard
  • Total Token Supply
  • Available for Sale
  • % Available for Sale
Investor Requirements
  • Whitelist / KYC / AML
    Whitelist, KYC Required
Company Profile
  • Legal Name
    Veritoken Global
  • Company #
  • Company Type
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Incorporation
    United States
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Registered Office
    PO Box 130665 Dallas, TX 75313
  • Founder(s)
  • Regulation
    US Securities and Exchange Commission - Reg D (506b)

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