Thaler tokens offer fully secured and transparent legal ownership of Real estate assets. Thaler holders benefit from both property-related income and commissions for tokenization of underlined Real estate assets through Thaler.One investment marketplace. Returns on Thaler tokens will not be limited to profits from Real estate, but would also come from services provided for tokenization of assets through the Thaler.One platform.


Thaler.One is a blockchain platform working in the Ethereum ecosystem which would allow investors to take ownership of quality Real estate assets worldwide and benefit from the expertise of our team of industry professionals and our international alliance network.


Through the Ethereum smart contracts, Thaler.One plans to issue tokens backed by tangible Real estate assets, therefore giving investors an opportunity to receive on-going rental income and/or loan interest as well as additional profit from asset value’s appreciation after sale.


What are the problems that we resolve


High volatility of cryptocurrencies, due to:


  • No intrinsic value
  • No macroeconomic value
  • Low trust due to lots of fake hype and news
  • Complexity for estimating true value
  • Unlimited supply of new crypto
  • Not commonly used


High entry barriers to invest in real estate


  • Real estate is the largest singe asset class in the world with historically stable returns
  • Direct Real estate investing is only available to big investors
  • Smaller investors receive lesser profits as they can only buy Real estate through collective schemes and cannot control their holdings
  • Geographical barriers to invest exist for the majority of smaller investors


For miners and owners of large cryptocurrency leftovers


  • Opportunity to exit volatility by investing in tokens secured by tangible real estate with strong downside protection of capital
  • Earn recurring income from real estate assets and services of Thaler.One marketplace
  • Diversify crypto portfolios


For fiat investors wanting to enter the crypto market


  • Enter the crypto world with a liquid, unvolatile and easily convertible token into major cryptocurrencies
  • Benefit from multiple opportunities offered through the Thaler.One platform to earn money on real estate and services of the marketplace
  • Hold unregulated financial instruments ideal for savings, hedge against inflation and future means of payment


For individual investors around the Globe


  • Remove high entry barriers of direct real estate investing
  • Allow easy access to global real estate for anyone with minimal investment budget
  • Choose individualized investment risk-return strategy and receive stable income and capital appreciation
  • Opportunities to invest for people with limited access to financial products

Social Networks


Concept development of Thaler.One



Strategy development for collective investment schemes



Testing the concept with industry professional on Expo Real in Munich



Launching Thaler.One site



Registration of legal entities for asset acquisition



Development of Website


Sept - November'18

Presale of Thaler tokens



Launching Beta version of Thaler.One IT platform



Structuring first real estate deals



Crowdsale of Thaler tokens



Launch of ThalerExchange and issuance of first Thaler.Block tokens



'Tokenization' of first third-party assets or projects

Token Sale
  • Minimum Investment Goal
    30,000,000 USD
  • Investment Goal
    100,000,000 USD
  • Bonus and Discount System
    Up to 30% bonus, exercisable when AUM reaches a certain threshold size at Pre STO
  • Public Sale Price
    1 Thaler = US$1
Asset Description

Thaler Token assumes regular profit payouts and therefore will be recognized a security. Our legal structure fully accommodates for Thaler token being a security token. This is the main difference of Thaler.One from other projects related to Real estate
Tokens give rights to receive distributed income and vote on issues related to Real estate asset management, which are submitted for voting by the management company.

Token Details
  • Ticker
Investor Requirements
  • Whitelist / KYC / AML
    Whitelist, KYC Required
  • Restricted Areas
    Citizens from China and South Korea are not allowed
  • Allowed Areas
    Allowed only citizens from Accredited investors in the USA and the rest of the world

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