Since its founding, StartEngine's mission has been to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by providing democratized access to capital. This mission was first enabled by the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which facilitated investment in early-stage startup businesses for everyone, regardless of wealth, in the United States.

In May 2016, StartEngine was among the first to enter this nascent fundraising space created by the JOBS Act. We've worked tirelessly since to realize our core mission of helping entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

Our company is growing. Since inception, nearly 150 successful financings have been completed for startups and other businesses via the StartEngine platform. Our revenue is growing on an average 22% month over month.*

*Past performance is not indicative of future results.

While working with entrepreneurs, small businesses and others to host their capital raising efforts over the course of 2017, we recognized the potential of another form of capital creation: initial coin offerings (ICOs). In 2017, hundreds of companies raised over $5.6B through ICOs.

There was little doubt that many were making use of ICOs to incredible benefit. But, it was our belief that these raises should be and ultimately would need to be conducted in accordance with securities regulation, including Regulation CF, D and A.

Seeing the opportunity, we moved to establish thought leadership within this emerging space. In November 2017, we conducted our first StartEngine Summit, bringing together thought leaders in cryptocurrency, finance and crowdfunding to chart a path forward for the Security Token Offering (STO).

Now, only months later, what we envisioned is a reality. Terms like "tokenized security", "security tokens" and "STOs" are commonplace. Just ask the thousands who attended our second StartEngine Summit in person and online this past April.


  • Howard Marks
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Ron Miller
    Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Token Sale
  • Investment Goal
    10,000,000 USD
  • Minimum Investment
    Common Shares $500 Minimum Investment / Preferred Shares $200,000 Minimum Investment
  • Public Sale Price
    Common Shares: $10 / Preferred Shares: $8.80
Company Profile
  • Legal Name
    StartEngine Capital, LLC
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Incorporation
  • Registered Office
    750 N San Vicente Blvd #800, West Hollywood, CA 90069
  • Affiliated Companies
    StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc.
  • Regulation
    Reg A+, Reg CF

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