SelfieYo Gold Tokens (“SGT”) are Ethereum blockchain-based tokens that represent social currency earned through and spendable on the SelfieYo social network. Users who become important social network influencers can earn SGT by obtaining votes in the app from other users who like their content. The SelfieYo Gold Tokens represent the culmination of and ongoing development for SelfieYo's advanced efforts around AI, location intelligence, social networking features and more. The ecosystem of SGT includes users, token buyers and advertisers. Advertisers wishing to run official SelfieYo promotions can only access our advanced marketing dashboard by paying in SGT. Prospective buyers of SGT must verify their ETH address, identity documentation and will be vetted to ensure compliance. Please email us if you have any question about the whitelisting process or the STO.


About SelfieYo Gold Token

Ephemeral messaging is one of the biggest, most exciting trends in social networking around the world. The major social networks have made it clear that things like face masks, photo filters, chat and connecting with people — friends and new people, alike — are, currently, among the most sought after features in their product lines.

While the big social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, Twitter, etc., dominate today’s overall share of time spent on social mobile apps, there will continue to be breakout social mobile networks that achieve critical mass and eventual market success.


In order to be prepared for new applications of artificial intelligence & augmented reality inside of mobile chat applications, one must start with a strong, core messaging platform. We built SelfieYo not just to create another chat app, but to create a platform upon which we can experiment and apply new, cutting-edge technologies as fast as we can. Building the core messaging platform has been a critical part of enabling our current potential for future looking augmented reality, AI development and leadership in the mobile ephemeral messaging space.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of individual users that contribute to the success of social apps never realize the value of their content contributions to the success of these new apps.

More specifically, the core content creators, the people that evangelize and share their early experiences with a new app; the influencers who have already honed their ability to reach and influence friends, and, in some cases, large audiences, barely, if ever, get to participate in the market success.


We believe that will change with the application of blockchain-based, in-app tokens that serve as a tracking mechanism on social currency generated via social interaction and attention.

There has been a landslide shift in terms of how content creators have become the major force in digital media influence when contrasted to the older, more centralized approach of celebrity oriented influence media. This is not to diminish the role and reach of celebrity influence, whether in general or when looking at how social networks gain traction. Celebrities serve a powerful function in the brand and media space, but they are no longer necessarily the most influential part of a social flywheel equation at the early stages. Micro-influencers who rarely get to participate in the value component are just as, if not more, important.


The irony of digital ephemeral messaging technology is that the real-world influencers who have the ability to evangelize and train new users are much more likely to be those early adopter, semi-professional, yet fairly prolific content creators who reach a regular, but smaller, highly charged audience that relishes in feeling like they have special insight into the social milieu of the influencer. More specifically, we are talking about influencers with audiences between approximately 100,000 and 2M subscribers/viewers on existing networks.

They have the ability to influence and create sustainable social momentum, but they are increasingly marginalized by the economics of today’s large social platforms.

We believe early influencers can benefit from becoming a part of the SelfieYo content creation ecosystem and the platform benefits by rewarding them with blockchain-based SGT.

These influencer networks have the critical mass to drive meaningful awareness and adoption, yet they are driven by content creators who lack the ability to monetize their command of attention networks as well as the traditional advertising and marketing industry.


These influencers are hungry for ways to up their game. They want to experiment and find ways to participate in the value creation cycle they are instrumental in feeding.

Jump-starting the network effects of a social network at the earliest, most vital stages is where these influencers could stand to gain enormous longterm benefits if they can effectively become part of the value equation.

The holders of SGT, the social currency, will ultimately be tied to the value of the platform.


Enabling users to participate in and dramatically affect the value of creating the network without the enterprise cost of having to build and manage complex technology is the future
distribution of mobile social messaging app value where brands will choose to spend their advertising spend to reach emerging audiences.

SGT distributed and managed on the ERC20 compliant blockchain will be the mechanism of rewarding early content creators whose work contributes to the adoption and success of SelfieYo.

The SGT issuance is the means by which we will provide the resources needed for early stage growth, accelerated development and marketing.

Qualified participants in the SGT issuance will have gotten in on the ground floor of a global ephemeral social network that aims to redistribute the rewards and create a healthy, sustainable ecosystem of token holders, influencers, developers and brand advertisers.



Capped token. Maximum number of SGT will never exceed 100 million.

There are 50 million tokens available for sale in the STO. The remaining tokens will be used for the social influencers and held by the company, but distributed over a 4 year (49 month) vesting schedule. The vesting smart contract is available on mainnet and is also published on Github.


Technical Info

The smart contract is published on mainnet and the code related to the STO ICO and crypto side of SelfieYo is availble on Github.

Social Networks

Q4 2018

ERC20 Token Sale
The SGT token presale starts in October and the ICO will run through Q4 of 2018, as needed. You must complete verification with our whitelisting process to purchase.

Beginning Q1 2019
Accelerated Development & Integration
At the completion of the token sale, significant resources will be devoted to the tokenized feature development and SGT integration. Accelerated engineering efforts to bring the social content and business blockchain add-ons into the platform will begin after the STO.

Beginning Q2 2019
Crypto Exchanges & Influencer Marketing
Application, review and exchange auditing will begin as soon as practical. Influencer marketing programs tied to the in-app earning of SGT rewards will occur around the same time.

Beginning Q3 2019
Brand Partnerships
As soon as all of the other components are complete, we'll begin building media partnerships around in-app SGT rewards on the blockchain. Traditional campaign planning and participation rewards will apply as available.

Beginning Q4 2019
Campaign Sales Programs
We will build out a sales organization, brand and agency partnership program beginning in Q4 2019. The goal will be to extend the network tools for brand partners to integrate into the SGT ecosystem to run their own campaigns, activations and reporting.

2018 - 2021
SelfieYo Team Vesting Schedule
The SelfieYo team, founders and advisors are subject to a 4-year vesting schedule that is contractually bound by the SGT ERC20 escrow smart contract. We are committed to building a long-term, sustainable marketplace around the social network, influencers, brand partners and SGT holders. We encourage all participants to review the smart contract code, which is open source and available on GitHub.

Token Sale
  • Pre Sale Start
    July 1, 2018
  • Pre Sale End
    September 30, 2018
  • Main Sale Start
    October 1, 2018
  • Main Sale End
    December 30, 2018
  • Minimum Investment Goal
    5,000,000 SGT
  • Investment Goal
    2,000,000 USD
  • Minimum Investment
    50,000,000 SGT
  • Public Sale Price
    1 SGT = 0.001 ETH
Asset Description

We accept ETH from qualified global and accredited U.S. buyers. You must be whitelisted prior to SGT purchase.

U.S. buyers are required to submit verifiable accredited investor documents.

Not open to residents of New York State.

Token Details
  • Ticker
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Token Standard
  • Total Token Supply
    100,000,000 SGT
  • Available for Sale
    50,000,000 SGT
  • % Available for Sale
Investor Requirements
  • Whitelist / KYC / AML
    Whitelist, KYC Required
  • Restricted Areas
    Citizens from New York State (USA) are not allowed

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