How QuantmRE works
Shared Equity Release - a smarter way to unlock the equity in your home. It's not a loan, so no monthly payments and no additional debt.
Don't wait until you've sold your home to enjoy your equity – with QuantmRE you can use the cash you release to improve your life now.
You can stay in your home for up to 30 years after you have released the value of your equity.


QuantmRE's EQRE token is a crypto currency securities token backed by a diversified, audited pool of real estate assets derived from the purchase of these equity interests in US single family owner-occupied homes.
EQRE Token backed by assets

Social Networks

  1. Matthew Sullivan
    Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  2. Jeremiah Jacquet
    Chief Technical Officer
  3. John Livesay
    Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer
  4. Dave Sterlitz
    Co-Founder, Head of Shared Equity
  5. Robert Barr
    Chief Financial Officer Managing Director of QuantmRe Securities, Inc
  6.  Matthew Margetts
    Managing Director, UK Operations
  7.  Malek Moubasher
    Director of OperationsTechnical and Operations Team
  8. Bojan Mise
    Senior Data Scientist
  9.  Fernando Wu Padilla
    Product Design Specialist
  10.  Edwina Bull
    Community Manager
  11.  Heath Jackson Thomas
    Creative Director
  12. Sheila Burns
    Director of Strategic MarketingBoard of Advisors
  13. David Moss
    Senior Blockchain Advisor
  14. Tim Sanders
  15.  Enzo Villani
  16.  Brian Bailey
    Advisor, Shared Equity Operations
  17.  Tom Cucinotta
    Advisor, Shared Equity Operations
  18.  Tom Braegelmann
    Fund Manager
  19.  Charles Tralka
    Fund Manager
  20. Stephen Partridge-Hicks
    Advisor (UK)
  21.  Marty Tate
    Legal Counsel, Advisor


  • 2015
    Initial concept developed to offer shared equity financing
  • June 2017
    Initial concept to produce asset-backed token
  • October 2017
    QuantmRE team assembled, first white paper
  • March 2018
    Initial seed capital $700,000 raised
  • May 2018
    Additional seed funding $1M raised
  • September 2018
    Platform launched (Release 1.0)
  • September 2018
    SEC Regulation A+ filings for the EQRE Asset Backed Token submitted
  • March 2019
    EQRE Tokens Offering open to professional investors
  • June 2019
    QuantmRE Securities, Inc becomes Group Broker Dealer
  • September 2019
    EQRE tokens made available to retail purchasers on the QuantmRE Platform
  • September 2019
    Platform live with Peer-to-Peer trading for US and non-US persons

Asset Details
  • Token Holder Rights
    Dividends, Profit Share, Interest Right
Token Details
  • Ticker
Company Profile
  • Registered Office
    5 Upper Newport Plaza Dr Newport Beach, CA, 92660

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