Leveraging blockchain technology to recover and reshape ownership of sunken artifacts from our ocean floors.


P08 is a tech company in the marine archaeology space utilizing blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics to recover and tokenize a unique set of underwater cultural heritage assets and reshape their ownership by digitizing them as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), with a stored value of the underlying asset. The company's main revenue generators include: monetizing recovered items, transaction fees from its NFT Marketplace, and other ancillary revenues from licensing big data, visual content, and its museum foundation.


Market Size

There are three (3) million underwater shipwrecks worldwide today according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The map illustrates a list of comparable shipwrecks from around the world that have yet to be fully recovered.


Globally it is estimated the market size of sunken shipwrecks with valuable cargos is in the billions of doallrs.
Many of the sunken ships date back to the Spanish Galleon treasure ships of the Spanish Empire that would fall victim to and perish from bad weather pirate attacks and acts of war. For most of the last two decades, marine salvage companies have been dissuaded from searching the waters of the Bahamas. In 1999, the Government put in place a moratorium on the Search and Salvage of Historic Shipwrecks in The Bahamas.


From 1972 to 1999. 71 permits for the search and recovery of shipwrecks were issued. Of the 71 permits only one had a cash payout. Lacking any real advancement and sustainable gains, The Bahamas has not positively benefited from the shipwreck salvaging industry since its inception. As they have not benefited, its only fitting they would deter treasure seekers. P08, however, has developed a relationship with the Bahamas' Government that is mutually beneficial..


  • Matthew Arnett
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Raul Vasquez
    Co-founder & COO
  • Anh Nguyen
    CTO & Senior Developer
  • P. Jillian Bethel
    Director of Partnerships and Development
  • Dana Yu
    Director of Community - Asia
  • David Gallo
    VP of Exploration
  • Claudio Bonifacio
    Chief Artifacts Officer
  • Evan Kovacs
    Director of Expeditions
  • Bill Lange
    Director of Advance Imaging and Visualization
  • Troy Launay
    Director of Salvage Operations


  • Don Cornish
    Board Advisor
    Ministry of Local Government, West Grand Bahama, Bahamas
  • Garry Smith
    Board Advisor
    Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporations (BAIC)
  • Theo Burrows
    Board Advisor
    Partner, Graham Thompson, The Bahamas
  • Frederick Arnett
    Board Advisor
    The Nature Conservancy, The Bahamas
  • Jun Hao
    Board Advisor
    Founder, BlockConnectors, Singapore
  • Jin Jiahao
    Board Advisor
    Venture Capitalist, Partner at Sequoia Capital China


2017 Q3 Launch

  • Established Bahamian Corporation
  • Head office in Grand Bahama

2017 Q4 Development

  • Granted salvage license by Government of The Bahamas
  • Research shipwreck sites
  • White paper completion

2018 Q1 Design

  • PO8 token smart contracts complete
  • Creation of Non-fungible Token templates

2018 Q2 Capital Raise, Round 1

  • Private financing & seed funding raised

2018 Q3 Staffing

  • Dr. David Gallo (TITANIC) joins team
  • Select Salvage partners

2018 Q4 PO8 Global Tour

  • STO Investor & Community Tour
  • Winner at Demand Solutions, Chile

2019 Q1 Exploration, Phase 1

  • Research, survey and mobilization

2019 Q2 Capital Raise, Round 2

  • Security Token Offering ends
  • Exchange listing after audit

2019 Q3 PO8 Museum Foundation

  • Announce Executive Board of Directors
  • Collect construction bids for museum

2019 Q4 Exploration , Phase 2

  • Submersible drones carry out recovery tasks
  • Divers deployed

2020 Q1 Expansion

  • Announce new target sites within The Bahamas
  • Enter new international markets

Token Sale
  • Main Sale Start
    March 8, 2019
  • Main Sale End
    July 30, 2019
  • Payment Methods
  • Minimum Investment Goal
  • Investment Goal
    $10,000,000 USD
  • Bonus and Discount System
  • Minimum Investment
  • Maximum Investment
  • Public Sale Price
Asset Details
  • Token Holder Rights
    Dividends, Profit Share, Equity Ownership
  • Type of Security
  • Company Capitalization
    $50,000,000 USD
Token Holder Rights

PO8’s Security Token Offering (STO) provides investors an opportunity to become equity investors in the company through the purchase of common stock-backed security tokens known as SPO8. Each SPO8 token equals one (1) PO8 common stock.  Regulated by The Securities Commission of The Bahamas, our STO is currently only open to investors outside The Bahamas.

Token Details
  • Ticker
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Token Standard
  • Total Token Supply
  • Available for Sale
  • % Available for Sale
Investor Requirements
  • Whitelist / KYC / AML
    Whitelist, KYC Required
  • Restricted Areas
    Citizens from Bahamas are not allowed
  • Restricted Areas
    Citizens from Bahamas, The are not allowed
Company Profile
  • Legal Name
    PO8 Ltd.
  • Company #
    CIK (Filer ID Number) 0001771719
  • Company Type
  • Country of Incorporation
    Bahamas, The
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Registered Office
  • Founder(s)
    Matthew Arnett
  • Head Organization
  • Regulation
    US Securities and Exchange Commission - Reg D (506c)

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