About Project

Paysera is a safe, cheap and easy way to perform payments or send and receive money online. We are working each day to make difficult and complex processes simple and expensive services cheaper.


Paysera is an advanced, effective, proven and safe electronic money system with an unlimited electronic money licence No. 1 issued by the Bank of Lithuania. It offers a free settlement account which allows for a quick, safe and low-cost (often – free of charge) payment for goods and services.

Paysera account is a true electronic wallet, which can not be lost; you will always find the amount of money that you have deposited in your account. In most cases, this type of account is better than bank account, because it is subject to higher security requirements, administrators of Paysera system can not lend or invest money held on the owner’s account.

Paysera.com services are constantly expanded and improved by the top-level specialists in accordance with the latest payment innovations.


Team (4)

  • Kostas Noreika
  • Šarūnas Broga
    Chairman of the Board
  • Audrius Lučiūnas
    Member of the Board
  • Rolandas Razma
    Member of the Board


  • 2004
    The company under the name "Elektroniniai verslo projektai" (Electronic business projects) is opened with first 3 employees working. The company manages the project www.gsms.lt.
  • 2006
    We are launching our new project in payment collection www.mokejimai.lt.
  • 2008
    The company name is changed to "EVP International".
  • 2011
    We received the payment institution license issued by the Bank of Lithuania.
  • 2012
    We are granted the electronic money institution license by the Bank of Lithuania.
  • 2013
    Our company is growing and already counts 50 employees.
  • 2014
    An office in Alytus is opened with 5 employees working.
  • 2014
    Our mobile application is launched.
  • 2014
    Project name is changed from www.mokejimai.lt to www.paysera.lt.
  • 2014
    An office in Kaunas is opened with 3 employees working.
  • 2015
    A debit card is released.
    We launched the ticketing system Paysera Tickets.
  • 2016
    We start providing IBAN accounts to clients.
  • 2016
    Our company name is changed to "Paysera LT".
  • 2017
    A 100th employee joined our team.
  • 2017
    We launch the payment initiation service (PIS).
  • 2017
    Paysera Tickets receives the "Trade Solution of the Year" award at the "Service of the Year 2017" contest.
  • 2017
    We launch a brand new project - MainIBAN
  • 2017
    We present a new design contactless payment card (NFC).
    We obtain the PCI DSS certificate.
  • 2018
    Mobile App is redesigned.
  • 2018
    We join the SEPA Instant payments system.
  • 2019
    We open a branch in Estonia.

Token Details
  • Ticker
Financial Info
  • Minimum Investment
  • Maximum Investment
    EUR 7,500
Company Profile
  • Country of Origin
  • Incorporation Country
  • Legal Address
    Mėnulio st. 7, LT-04326, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Head Organization
    «Paysera LT» UAB (#300060819)
  • Affiliated Companies
    Paysera LTD, Paysera UK LTD, Paysera Bulgaria LTD, Paysera Latvia LTD, Paysera EE OÜ

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