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Omnia Markets, Inc., a one-stop platform gearing up to provide cryptocurrency-based data, proprietary and non-proprietary analytics, comprehensive and reliable industry market information and trends all backed by their Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) system, announced today the launch of its Security Token Offering (STO), in compliance with the applicable SEC regulations. The initial phase is limited to US $5 million and is limited to U.S. Accredited and Non-US investors. Further details on additional phases, 5-year business plan, and offering documents are available at the company’s website,


The company’s OM Analytics token NEWZ is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing for a widely distributed standard and use with many already existing wallets that accept ERC20 tokens.


The blueprint for Omnia Markets, Inc. sprouted from when founder, Mitesh Shah, sought to solve one of the biggest problems plaguing the cryptocurrency industry – the lack of sources for reliable information and data analytics. A graduate from St. John’s University with an MBA in Finance and a cryptocurrency investor himself, Mitesh took his education and prior experience as a Financial Analyst and spent years researching Blockchain technologies, which would later become a cornerstone for Omnia Markets’ analytic database. Founding the company in March 2018, Mitesh aimed for Omnia Markets to be the most reputable source for cryptocurrency information amongst prospect individual and institutional investors.

Mitesh brought on Nilesh Shah as Omnia Markets’ Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. A former Senior Partner at one of the largest professional consulting firms, KPMG LLP, Nilesh brings extensive startups and financial operational experience and knowledge to the team, helping to add to the blueprint for Omnia Markets’ blended strategy of traditional financial analytics with new age technologies.

Following its vision, Omnia Markets engaged Codezeros as its development team, based in India, to commence work on its platform.

Omnia Markets then added JT Kostman, PhD. to their advisory board. A prolific voice and developer for impactful AI and Frontier technologies, Dr. Kostman brings AI and ML technology to Omnia Markets, expanding the ability to build insightful tools for investors and knowledge that would ultimately help benefit the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.



  • Mitesh Shah – Founder & CEO
  • Nilesh Shah – Co-Founder & COO


  • Dr. JT Kostman - Artificial Intelligence Advisor
  • Paul Goodman - Corporate and Legal Advisor
  • Jasmine Chen – Strategic Marketing and Branding Advisor


  • Deep Shah – Founder & CEO of Codezeros
  • Paritosh Mehta – Senior Blockchain Consultant at Codezeros
  • Nihar Bhagat – Creative Head at Codezeros
  • Mahendra Panchal – Blockchain Tech Lead at Codezeros


  • Lindsey Carnett – President & CEO of Marketing Maven
  • John Carnett – CTO of Marketing Maven
  • Frank Tortorici – Senior Strategist and Media Relations at Marketing Maven
  • David Perez – Account Supervisor at Marketing Maven


Short-Term Roadmap

  • March 2018
    Omnia Markets is Established
  • May 2018
    Engages Development Team
  • January 2019
    Omnia Engages Cyruli, Shanks, Hart & Zigmor LLP as Legal Counsel
  • June 2019
    Omnia Engages Marketing Maven as Marketing and PR Firm
  • August 2019
    JT Kostman joins Omnia Markets' advisory board bringing AI and Frontier technology expertise
  • August 2019
    Omnia Markets Engages Securitize, Inc. as their issuing platform
  • October 2019
    OM Analytics Token (NEWZ) launches to investors (STO Launches)
  • Spring 2020
    Omnia Expands its Executive Management Team
  • Spring 2020
    STO Closes
  • Summer 2020
    Omnia Completes Development Team and Expands Development of Platform

Long-Term Roadmap
5 Year Development Plan

  • Year 1
    Launch of Data Analytics Platform
  • Year 2
    Launch of Investigative Journalism Division and Basic AI/ML toolset
  • Year 3
    Launch of Global Initiative with Hubs in Major Locations around the world
  • Year 4
    Launch of Full Advanced AI and ML Feature Set
  • Year 5
    Quality Control + Expansion of Features Based on Industry's Status

Token Sale
  • Minimum Investment
  • Maximum Investment
  • Public Sale Price
    1 NEWZ token = $1
Token Details
  • Ticker
  • Total Token Supply
    25,000,000 NEWZ tokens
Company Profile
  • Country of Origin
    United States
  • Country of Incorporation
    United States
  • Founder(s)
    Mitesh Shah – Founder & CEO, Nilesh Shah – Co-Founder & COO

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