Ockel Computers is part of the same group of companies as Avanca, the first company founded by our team member Tim Haaksma and currently the fastest growing hardware company in the EMEA-region.


Ockel Computers was raised with the same spirit as Avanca. In the past nine years we gained the experience and skills needed to launch Ockel and we have access to many of the essential resources needed to successfully bring this project to life: a warehouse, customer service and a network of top engineers and suppliers. At the same time, we have a great amount of freedom to innovate.


If you decide to buy an Ockel computer, you will contribute to a company that has many more ideas about doing things differently. If you, just like Ockel, are passionate about true innovation, join us.


Team members (8)

  • Tim Haaksma
    Founder & Owner
  • Jan Paul Hagg
    Product Engineer
  • Liao Chen
    Technical Developer
  • Jesper Baumgarten
    Sales & Product Manager
  • Frank van der Hak
    Senior Designer
  • Sjoerd de Ridder
    Creative Designer
  • Steven Sariman
    Online Marketeer
  • Douwe de Gier
    Product Specialist


  • 2015
    Ockel is founded because we believe we can make a difference in the computer industry.
    Microsoft & Intel Partnership
    We partner up with Microsoft and Intel to take our product development to the next level.
    IFA 2015
    We present our first product: the Sirius B. At the IFA we also meet IndieGoGo, who advise us to start a crowdfunding campaign for the Sirius B.
    100% Funded
    Our Sirius B crowdfunding campaign is quite a succes: 100% of the needed funds are raised in only one day!
    Black Cherry
    On popular demand we add a new perk to our crowdfunding campaign: the even more powerful Sirius B Black Cherry.
    Start Shipping Sirius B
    We start shipping out the first Sirius B’s to our backers.
  • 2016
    Sirius B: $400.000 Raised
    Amazing! Our Sirius B crowdfunding campaign has raised $400.000.
    New Office
    It’s moving time: we’ve outgrown our old office and warehouse in Nootdorp, and are moving to a new one in The Hague!
    IFA 2016: Tech Awards Hotlist
    At IFA 2016, we present the first mock-up of our newest product: the Sirius A. This new take on pocket-sized PC’s doesn’t go unnoticed, and we receive a Tech Awards Hotlist award for “Eye-catching product of IFA 2016”.
    Sirius A
    Upon finishing the first prototype of our new product, the Sirius A, we prepare the launch of a brand new crowdfunding campaign. This pocket pc with integrated touchscreen is a huge hit: we reach our $100.000 funding goal within a day!
    Introducing: Sirius A Pro
    Our first backer survey has shown a massive demand for three extra features: 8GB RAM, 128GB eMMC storage and Windows 10 Pro. We’ve reviewed all options to integrate these components in the Sirius A and manage to find a way to implement the most requested features into the Ockel Sirius A Pro.
    Start Shipping Sirius B Black Cherry
    We start shipping out the first Sirius B Black Cherry computers to our backers.
  • 2017
    CES 2017
    We kicked off CES 2017 at the Showstoppers event. It was an amazing experience and we’ve introduced press from all over the world to the Ockel Sirius A, Sirius B Black Cherry and Sirius B.
    $1.000.000 Raised
    We’ve raised a total of one million dollars with our crowdfunding campaigns. We’re very grateful to everybody who has supported us so far!
    Nomination: Entrepreneur of the Year 2017
    Our founder and CEO, Tim, has been nominated for the award “Entrepreneur of the year 2017” for the category “Hardware Industry’ in Western Europe.
    Distree EMEA Fresh Award
    Upon attending the Distree EMEA, we receive the joyous news that we’ve won the Distree Fresh Award.
    Sirius A: $500.000 Raised
    Only a short while in our crowdfunding campaign for the Sirius A, we’ve reached an awesome milestone: 500.000 dollar has been raised for the production of our newest pocket PC!
    New Website
    When you create awesome products, you need a website to match. We’ve been working hard on creating a new website, and we’re pretty pleased with the final result.
    IFA 2017
    It’s time for our third IFA attendance. This year, our visitors can experience the Sirius A for themselves, as we show off several near-final working prototypes of the Sirius A.
    Sponsorship ADO Den Haag
    With our HQ already located in the ADO Den Haag football stadium, it’s only logical that we show our support for the football team. With the start of the 2017/2018 football season, we’re proud to announce that we’re shirt sponsor for the first team!
    GIO Award
    This year we have the great honour of attending the Dutch Design Week with the Sirius A. To make things even better, we win the GIO Award! GIO stands for “Goed Industrieel Ontwerp”, which translates to “Great Industrial Design”.
    CES Innovation Award
    We’re on a roll: only a few days after receiving the GIO Award, we’re surprised with the news that we’ve also won a CES Innovation Award. The Sirius A is selected as a CES 2018 Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Computer Hardware and Components product category.
  • 2018
    CES 2018
    It’s time for another trip to Las Vegas for CES 2018! We’ve had a blast and have met great people, including backers, distributors, retailers and Ockel enthusiasts. We even had Royal Highness prins Constantijn der Nederlanden visit our stand!
    Info Security
    As part of the Computable Future Lab, we’re attending the Info Security exhibition in Brussels. The interest in our products has been overwhelming and we were definitely the “showstopper” of the event!
    Start Shipping Sirius A & Sirius A Pro
    After months of testing and a huge quality control operation, where each and every device has been checked, we are ready to ship out the first batch of Sirius A pocket PC’s.
    Sirius A: $900.000 Raised
    The Sirius A crowdfunding campaign has reached another milestone: $900.000 has been raised to date. On to 1 million!
    Red Dot Design Award 2018
    We’re finally allowed to spread the word: the Ockel Sirius A has won the Red Dot Design Award 2018! The Red Dot award is one of the most prestigious awards to win for product designs. Let’s hope this is the first Red Dot of many more to come!
    Ockel Experience Day
    Together with our Dutch PR-partner Reshift, we’ve organized an “Ockel Experience Day” in our HQ. A total of five Ockel enthusiasts were invited to unbox and test the Ockel Sirius A. This has inspired us to think about organizing a “Backer Experience Day” as well.
    Sirius A at BCC
    We are proud to officially launch the Sirius A and Sirius A Pro in the Netherlands, by partnering up with the large Dutch electronics retailer BCC, which is part of the Groupe Fnac Darty.
    Nomination: German Design Award 2019
    The Sirius A has been nominated for the German Design Award 2019 for Excellent Product Design. The attention of the jury was attracted by the extraordinary look and feel of the Sirius A.
    Nomination: Startup of the Year 2018
    We are nominated for the Computable Awards 2018 in the category Dutch Startup of the year! The award will be granted to a startup that stood out in the past year.
    Ockel Online Store
    Behind the scenes we’ve been working on the worldwide launch of the Sirius A and Sirius A Pro. After months of web development and testing we launch the Ockel Online Store.
    Target Open House
    The Sirius A is one of the products that are currently featured in the Garage space at Target Open House in San Francisco.

Token Sale
  • Investment Goal
  • Minimum Investment
    200 Tokens
  • Public Sale Price
    Eur 0,125 per token
Asset Details
  • Token Holder Rights
    Dividends, Equity Ownership
Token Holder Rights

The Ockel dividend policy is based on the principle that everyone benefits from any possible future dividends in a fair and equal way. Dividends will be distributed directly to your wallet in the form of more Ockel Security Tokens or Ethereum (both based on the daily actual exchange rate). Every token holder will get the same amount of dividend, obviously relative to the quantity of tokens in possession. There will be no dilution on the tokens. Ockel will buy back tokens, before it pays out dividend, to prevent any negative dilution effects.

Token Details
  • Ticker
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Total Token Supply
    20-25 million tokens
Investor Requirements
  • Whitelist / KYC / AML
    KYC, AML Required
  • Restricted Areas
    Citizens from United States are not allowed
Company Profile
  • Legal Name
    Ockel Computers B.V.
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Incorporation
  • Registered Office
    Wegastraat 33-35 2516 AN The Hague Netherlands

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