A global decentralized health platform that empowers patients with a self-sovereign health identity and aligns patients, providers, and payers to battle disease


Improving quality of life with a patient centered health ecosystem by aligning incentives to improve outcomes that aligns healthcare stakeholders around the shared goal of patient empowerment and improved clinical outcomes, at lower costs.


The Problem – a Global Healthcare Crisis
Chronic Disease Epidemic: 40 of the 56 million annual deaths globally occur from chronic conditions
Preventable: 80% of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke; and 40% of cancers are preventable
Aging Population: global aging is a major contributor to the chronic disease epidemic (e.g. in the US, over 3.5 million seniors are turning 65 every year, with 90% having at least one chronic condition)
The Medical Industry: spends vast resources battling the complications of these diseases, rather than preventing them


Main team (7)

  • Dr. Samir Damani
  • Dr. Vishal Verma
  • Wyche T. Green, III (“Tee”)
    Non-Executive Director
  • Dr. Jean Balgrosky
  • Jeremy “Jerry” V. Gross
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Patrick Daly
  • Courtney Hooton
    Director of Communications and Corporate Alliances

Advisors (7)

  • Hector Rodriguez
    WW Health Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft
  • Chris Hafey
    CTO, Nucleus Health
  • Jeremy Sohn
    VP, Head of Digital Business Development & Licensing, Novartis
  • Dr. Mike Klieger
    Radiologist – Modesto Radiological Medical Group
  • Igor Denisov
    VP of Strategy, Polymath
  • Jeff Ramson
    Chief Executive Officer of PCG Advisory Group
  • Spencer Mott
    SVP and Global CISO, McKesson

Token Sale
  • Main Sale Start
    September 30, 2018
  • Main Sale End
    December 31, 2018
  • Investment Goal
    23,500,000 USD
  • Public Sale Price
    1 MHST = $ 1.00
  • Total Raised
    376,250 USD
Asset Details
  • Token Holder Rights
    Profit Share, Equity Ownership
Token Details
  • Ticker
  • Available for Sale
    90 000 000
Company Profile
  • Legal Name
    MintHealth, Inc.
  • Country of Incorporation
    United States
  • Registered Office
    13280 Evening Creek Drive South, San Diego, CALIFORNIA
  • Regulation
    US Securities and Exchange Commission - Reg D (506c)

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