We are the Future of Venture Capital
One step ahead of the game
We're the first tokenized fund to provide cryptocurrency investors access to a three-year-old medtech fund.
Asset Backed
Existing portfolio
Participate in an already existing portfolio of 5 outstanding ventures from the medical field.
VC investment as a tradable asset
We are transforming the highly illiquid Venture Capital asset class into a tradable asset.
More payment options
We're providing both cryptocurrency and fiat payment options for investing in our token.


How it works


Purchase BOV tokens from our Special STO Investment Vehicle using cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH) or fiat money (CHF, US$)
Our Special STO Investment Vehicle will become an investor into BlueOcean Ventures II making our token holders indirect shareholders into BlueOcean Ventures II

Using the raised funds, BlueOcean Ventures II invests or reinvests in a total of 8 to 12 of the best medtech companies
Net proceeds from the STO are 100% invested in BlueOcean Ventures II


Receive your return on investment
During buyback events, revenue from BlueOcean Ventures II are transferred back to BlueOcean Ventures II's investors, including our Special STO Investment Vehicle which in turn uses 100% of these proceeds to buy back your tokens at the token's current market price or the token's net asset value, whichever is higher. You are also permitted to sell your tokens at any time through our exchange partners.

Social Networks

Emmanuel de Watteville
General Partner and Co-Founder



Thomas Zehnder
General Partner



Antonio Gambardella



Jean-Etienne Durand
Head of Operations



Lug Giroud
Head of Marketing



Christophe Saam
Swiss & European Patent Attorney



Olivier Crochat
STO Technology Advisor



Launch of BlueOcean Ventures I


Launch of the second fund, BlueOcean Ventures II



BlueOcean Ventures II invests in Ava AG, Rheon Medical SA, and Abionic SA



BlueOcean Ventures II achieves an impressive 48% growth of its portfolio value until end 2017 (audited numbers)

MAY 2018

Set up of Special STO Investment Vehicle in Singapore


JULY 2018

BlueOcean Ventures II invest in Volumina Medical SA and Luciole Medical AG, Start of the presale of the STO



End of the STO. 100% of the STO net proceeds are invested into BlueOcean Ventures II



BOV token trades on various exchanges and BlueOcean Ventures II has a portfolio of 6 startups



BlueOcean Ventures II has a portfolio of 8 to 12 companies. Initial expected proceed to token holders from first sale of a portfolio company



BlueOcean Ventures II is closed, all remaining assets are distributed to the investors

Token Sale
  • Payment Methods
    BTC, ETH, CHF or US$
  • Minimum Investment
    US$ 1,000
Token Details
  • Ticker
Investor Requirements
  • Whitelist / KYC / AML
    KYC Required
Company Profile
  • Legal Name
    SwissVCToken Pte Ltd,
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Incorporation

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