BlaCat is a blockchain gaming platform and ecosystem featuring a Software Development Kit (SDK) based on NEO blockchain technology. It allows users to play blockchain games like conventional games WITHOUT having to perform a series of complex operations via installing plugins for wallets and using outside exchanges. In addition, BlaCat supports non-blockchain game developers to easily interface with blockchain technology and expand their global reach.

Developers’ profits are being squeezed by publishers at a time when game development has become extremely complex due to the need to balance user experiences for both free play and paying users. At the same time, players are spending more and more money on items to advance in the games, which are not portable and decline in value over time. Blockchain technology facilitates the development of an ecosystem that delivers a majority of the revenue to the developers, provides financial support for certified developers and an open source SDK that allows them to bring their games to market quickly. It also allows gamers to retain full game asset ownership and a transparent game economy with a trustworthy peer-to-peer virtual exchange marketplace.


FunJumping, Inc. (“FunJumping” or “the Company”) is developing BlaCat, a scalable and comprehensive blockchain video game environment for every style of game, including real-time strategy, massively multiplayer online, and turn based, and every major operating system. BlaCat eliminates third party publishers, letting developers keep the majority of their profits. With no special blockchain programming knowledge required, BlaCat’s offers developers an open-source software development kit based on the NEO blockchain technology, provides speedy payments and gameplay, easy monetization of games and digital assets, crowdfunding opportunities and ingame advertising. Just as important, BlaCat gives gamers ownership of their digital assets via a user-friendly wallet, providing for a transparent game economy with a trustworthy peer-to-peer virtual exchange marketplace.

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