Augmate is the Mission-driven IoT and Wearable Device Management Platform.


Augmate is bringing the power of IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the world, empowering the 4th Industrial revolution. This global transformation fundamentally changes the way products are designed, developed, and delivered. As the first to market, and now the world’s leading device management solution for wearable technology, all things must be connected with the same powerful simplicity of wearables. Augmate’s blockchain-based, protocol agnostic platform provides the platform for growth that allows enterprises to manage IoT devices.


Augmate has world-class expertise in IoT, Blockchain, Wearables and AR/VR. Our global team comes from Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Cisco and GE. The industry has recognized our efforts including being named an original Google Glass@Work partner and winning Gartner's Cool Vendor award in 2017. We work with some of the world’s largest enterprises including Verizon, UPS and Toyota. Founded in 2013, the company has offices in New York City (HQ), Mountain View, Amsterdam and New Delhi.


The Augmate Connect™ platform builds a new, distributed device management layer and policy engine, which is integrated with appropriate blockchain IoT protocols, as well as tested technology that exists today. Augmate has a proven platform for enterprise device management as the first wearable environment system with an array of security features; policy settings between humans and devices; SaaS and on-premise options for portal management; over-theair updates of applications firmware; and much more. The Augmate software resides as a trusted component of the device’s operating system and is signed by the keys of the device manufacturer so as to allow complete device management, creating an efficient and secure environment for IT managers to control their fleets of devices.


Main Team (17)

  • Pete Wassell
    Founder and CEO
  • Dave Evans
  • Dana Farbo
  • Thomas Miller
    CXO & CMO
  • Peter Orban
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Alicia Swanson
    SVP, Marketing & Communications
  • Brian Rogers
    VP, Product
  • Trevor Backlin
    Director, Business & Consulting
  • Keith Deutsch
    Chief Architect
  • Laura Farbo
    Sr. Manager, Global Operations
  • Ved Prakash
    Chief Technical Lead
  • Vishwak Thatikonda
    Blockchain Engineer
  • Thomson Nouriya
    Sr. Dev Ops Engineer
  • Steve Fang
    Fullstack Software Developer
  • Eddie Quiroz
    Technical Consultant
  • Stephen Pelletier
    Board of Directors
  • William Hickey
    Board of Directors

Advisors (9)

  • Gregory Rocco
  • Clive Wang
  • Ed Maguire
  • Kai Blache
  • Margaux Avedisian
  • Joseph Daniels
  • Cristina Dolan
  • Bryan Feinberg
  • Matt Garza


  • 2013
    Augmate founded
  • 2014
    Google Glass@Work Partner
    Pilot program with Toyota
    Raised $3.5M Angel Fund Round
  • 2015
    First pilot with UPS
    U.S. Patent for Wearable Device Management & Analytics
  • 2016
    Launched Wearable Environment Manager
  • 2017
    Second pilot with UPS
    Gartner “Cool Vendor” Award
    IoT Expansion Task Force
    IOTA proof of concept
    Launched MATE digital security sale
  • 2018
    Augmate Connect development
    Raised $10M in MATE sale
    Partnership with RChain
    Moved enterprise Pilots into production
    Completed asset tracking POC with blockchain
    Opened Silicon Valley & Amsterdam offices
    Augmate Digital Security listed on OpenFinance
  • 2019
    Release of Augmate Connect
    Enterprise expansion

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    United States
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    United States
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    335 Madison Ave., Floor 16, New York, NY 10017
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