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Why Conducting STO

STO is a unique investment tool which combines the best from traditional finances and blockchain


If you own an asset and need to get money fast, STO and tokenization is just for you. Doesn’t matter what kind of asset it is – you can tokenize almost anything: Company, Startup, Real Estate, Art objects, Jewelries.


Blockchain provides complete security for all participants – both for organizers and investors. To achieve this, the latest technologies are used, the highest level of interaction between technical developers and lawyers.


Other investment instruments are either too expensive to conduct or do not allow attracting a sufficient amount of investment. In addition, only STOs allow access to such a wide range of potential investors.

Our Services

We provide the full scope of STO services together with our international partners. 

Working with us you can be sure that you will accomplish your goals.


We take care aboout creating a digital asset, smart contract developing, security token issuance.


If necessary, we can fully take over all the processes associated with the conduct of your STO


We can provide advisory service on any aspect of Security Token Offerings

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The selection of jurisdiction suitable for your STO, registration in accordance with the law and legal support.


Implementing the blockchain in your business processes, ensuring the interaction of sold tokens and fulfilling your commitments to investors.

PR & Marketing

Promotion of your investment offering to attract maximum investment.

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