Since 2013, Vanbex has been empowering bold ideas on the blockchain with deep industry experience and comprehensive consulting.


Blockchain Consulting
Guiding companies towards unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology.
Crypto Assets
Defining sustainable token structures for token Generation events and beyond
Marketing Communications
Influencing stakeholders through content and media exposure

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Services Description

  • Digital Share Issuance
    Create, issue and manage digital share offerings and corporate cap tables.
  • Asset Tokenization
    Represent assets as tokens, such as real estate properties or artworks.
  • Know Your Client
    Verify investor identity for compliance and risk mitigation.
  • Anti-Money Laundering
    Verify the provenance of incoming investments.
  • Accredited Investors
    Verify qualified investors under securities law.
  • Document Management
    Digitally share, sign and countersign offering documentation.
  • Showcase Lander
    Showcase your investment offering with a dedicated landing page.
  • Secondary Trading
    Engage in secondary market trading with other investors on the platform.
  • Dividends
    Manage and pay out dividends to your investors.
  • Voting
    Let investors vote on corporate decisions and reporting.
  • Wallet
    Store and spend multiple currencies directly on the platform.

Company Profile
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    Vanbex Group Inc.
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