Issuing a security token means creating an investment offer where stock or bonds are tokenised and put on a blockchain.
You benefit by having more global investor base, enjoying large scale cost efficiency and lowering future liquidity premium.
TokenMarket does this by arranging equity crowdfunding, private placement or existing cap table with tokens for you.
TokenMarket track record is solid
We are tokenisation pioneers since 2016.

  • Services
    Digital asset creation (Tokenization), Smart contract creation, KYC/AML, Solution integrations
Services Description

  • Smart contract creation
  • Custodial technical advisory
  • KYC and AML technical advisory
  • Digital asset creation
  • Solution integrations

Company Profile
  • Legal Name
    Tokenmarket Technologies Limited, ("TokenMarket UK", 11610137) / Tokenmarket Limited ("TokenMarket Malta", C 88889)
  • Date of Incorporation

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