The Konkrete Platform is a distributed share registry designed for the real estate industry. Trading on the platform will be done using Konkrete’s native currency, Konkrete KKT tokens. The distributed share registry will be verified by the network of participants and will allow decentralised, fully compliant trading of property shares. Because of this, Konkrete will provide a solution for homeowners to release equity from their property, for property developers to crowdfund their capital with less reliance on banks, and for home buyers to crowdfund their home deposits. We’re providing a new form of liquidity to the real estate industry and giving people access to the value in their property assets.

  • Services
    Legislation, KYC/AML
  • Token Standard
    The Konkrete Token (KKT) – an ERC-20-based token
Services Description

Faster capital raisings
With security tokens you can reach a vast worldwide network of investors on the Blockchain. Wider reach means faster capital raisings.
Lower cost of capital
Tokens on the blockchain can be exchanged among the network of investors in a peer-to-peer manner giving them implicit liquidity. This liquidity translates in lower cost of capital.
Programmable actions
You can design investment offerings that can allocate the funds raised depending on external triggers in an automatic manner. This can reduce the cost and manual errors in fund management significantly.

Reduced cost of ongoing compliance
Smart contracts for security tokens can give automatic updates to investors on how the money is being spent reducing the cost of continuous disclosures substantially.
Reduced back office admin costs
On the blockchain an exchange of tokens is automatically reflected in the positions. This replaces the need for a intensive back office operation to track who owns how much.
Realtime Distributed voting for shareholders
The platform will make it possible for shareholders to vote in a transparent and decentralised manner making truly Decentralised Autonomous Organisations possible in a compliant manner.

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