The IBC Group’s Network brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in marketing, technology, legal and capital raising to ensure a secure and successful ICO/STO, providing business advice and information in the field of blockchain technology and virtual currencies. We also work on various enterprise and educational projects with governments and enterprises.

  • Services
    Digital asset creation (Tokenization), Legislation, Marketing
Social Networks
Services Description

Blockchain Technology Experts

Platform agnostic approach to ensure the chosen protocol suits your use case
Tailored contract administration, management and reconciliation applications
State of the art KYC/AML compliance and management systems with 2FA and geo fencing parameters
In-house blockchain research and development team with extensive research and knowledge in blockchain interoperability and projects in over 14 different protocols
Book building and book running services

Customized Marketing Strategy

Tailored brand design and website development by internal marketing experts
Comprehensive social media marketing platform
Customized info and graphic design pack
Brand-specific articles in leading crypto and news outlets
Tracker exposure through Reddit, Slack, Bitcointalk, and Steemit
International Bounty program

End to End Legal Protection

Legal management on location-specific token concepts includ-ing KYC, AML, and securities compliance
White Paper draft, analysis, and finalization
Comprehensive legal documentation package including Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Token Purchase Agreement
Experienced ICO/STO attorneys providing continuous consultation
Post-ICO/STO token management solutions and compliance protection

Company Profile
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    International Blockchain Consulting Limited
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  • Registered Office
    1679 S Dupont HWY STE 100, Dover,DE 19901-5164.

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