DESICO seeks to become a platform for issuing, investing, and trading security tokens for both institutional and retail investors, in full compliance with the law. The goal of DESICO is to create a gateway for retail and institutional investors to step into VC-dominated startup funding space. At the same time, DESICO seeks to contribute to creating fully global, fair and less costly access to capital for promising businesses from anywhere in the world.


DESICO seeks to enable investments in financial instruments issued on the blockchain in a legal and compliant way. ICOs are an emerging alternative asset class (as characterized by the Blockchain Resolution supported by the European Parlaiment) that has the potential to grow with the right capital markets infrastructure.

DESICO's platform seeks to facilitate the issuance of security tokens on the blockchain - equity in early ventures or revenue generating businesses that seek capital to grow, tokenization of existing assets with revenue streams, or tokenization of debt instruments. DESICO aims to provide a complete infrastructure for compliantly launching Security Tokens offerings, operate a regulated Security Tokens exchange and provide transaction services under an e-money license. DESICO aims to offer retail investors a legal and fully compliant way to invest in security tokens. DESICO is registered in Lithuania, a European Union and Eurozone country and aims to operate within the regulatory legal framework of the Lithuanian Law of Crowdfunding and under the supervision of Bank of Lithuania (under the control of the European Central Bank). DESICO has already received endorsments from the Ministry of Finance and has been acknowledged for its efforts in promoting STO legalization. DESICO is led by a team of entrepreneurs and experts in fintech, legal services and marketing. The founders are already running a successful European crowdfunding and peer-to-peer platform.

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    Digital asset creation (Tokenization), Smart contract creation, Legislation, KYC/AML, Fundraising, Advisory, Trading
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