Founded in 2015, Chaineum has extensive experience and specializes exclusively in the blockchain and breakthrough technology sectors. Chaineum is a commercial bank specializing in capital raising, strategic financial advisory services, digitizing financial assets and blockchain-based platforms (ICO / STO issues and the exchange of digital financial assets).

Tokenization is a revolutionary new tool for entrepreneurs seeking funding. Chaineum expects the future when all types of assets will be released initially on blockchains or presented in the form of tokens (digital securities).

Chaineum’s mission is also to democratize alternative investments through equity, debt, derivatives, bonds, real estate, works of art, classic cars, etc. By providing access, liquidity and transparency to markets that were traditionally available only to select ones. For this purpose, C haineum offers a complete platform offering a wide range of services for issuing, financing, protecting, negotiating and managing investments in digital assets.

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Chaineum / Corporate Finance Advisory

Chaineum is one of the largest independent consultants in the field of corporate finance, specializing in fundraising, as well as ICO, STO, ETO with the technological vision of the blockchain.

Its services include:
- Preparation of business models, financial forecasts and estimates;
- assessment of viability and analysis of potential sources of funding;
- preparation of presentations for potential investors, banks or alternative lenders;
- negotiating and working with legal groups on conditions and contractual documents;
- Project management of the transaction before its completion.

Venture capital: you are a start-up start-up or “early stage”, and you are looking for the means to specify or consolidate your project. Chaineum supports you in your search for investors by offering a financial package that optimizes institutional financing to preserve your ownership of capital.

Development of capital: you are a company, and you want to finance your development, we are exploring the various opportunities available to you.

In the absence of banking or brokerage operations, Chaineum does not face a conflict of interest and focuses entirely on optimizing the processes and results of its clients.


Platform Chaineum / Investment Token

Investment token (digital security) is the full or partial ownership of an asset (such as a company's stock, real estate asset, artwork, etc.). The interest in a company, real estate or intellectual property may be represented by a digital asset.


The advantage of the investment token is high transparency compared to traditional paper stocks through the use of the blockchain and its associated public (or private) ledger. The structure, distribution or modification of tokens that may affect investors are now accessible to everyone through the blockchain, which ensures a high level of liquidity in asset markets.

Chaineum creates an ecosystem of financial products and services based on the blockchain technology, which will revolutionize the creation, management, backup and calculation of new financial products and digital assets for institutional, corporate and intermediary clients. and individuals.

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