Blockchain technology is transforming the financial industry by connecting innovative companies with a worldwide community of investors. BlockRules is supporting this growing financial ecosystem by bringing the regulatory compliance mandated by governments around the globe to securities issued on the blockchain.

We believe in using blockchain technology to its fullest potential. That’s why we are building a solution to support token issuers and investors through sale, issuance, and trading of security tokens, with regulatory compliance enforced on the blockchain. Our technology removes the major barriers holding back blockchain adoption in capital markets worldwide.


Token offerings provide unique benefits

• Easy access to capital markets. From anywhere, anytime.
• Streamlined banking infrastructure and fewer expensive bottlenecks.
• Publicly recorded transactions on-chain, verifiable by anyone.
• Added liquidity unlocked by tokenized assets.

The BlockRules Compliance Engine brings regulatory certainty to blockchains

• BlockRules Compliance Engine enforces comprehensive compliance
rules for security tokens across international borders.
• Compliance processing occurs on-chain, minimizing vulnerability to
security threats and maximizing transparency

  • Services
    Digital asset creation (Tokenization), Advisory, Trading
Services Description

The BlockRules Compliance Engine (BCE) provides on-chain enforcement of multijurisdictional regulatory compliance
rules governing the ownership and transfer of a security token, as instructed by the issuing company. It does so without relying on opaque and insecure off-chain processing through oracles. Instead, the BCE is implemented by converting the
compliance rules assigned by issuing companies into suitable abstractions as extensible logic encoded in smart contacts.
When the compliance rules must be applied, such as to authorize a trade, the appropriate code is executed directly on the blockchain in order to enforce the associated compliance rules.


Blockchain ledgers can only reach their full potential if compliance with regulations can be enforced. Conventional approaches that establish compliance off-chain are sacrificing many of the advantages of public distributed blockchains due to simple expediency and lack of innovation. The BlockRules Compliance Engine reverses this trend by performing all
compliance processing for token trading directly on the blockchain in a secure and verifiable manner. We achieve this feat by translating compliance rules developed by token issuing companies into suitable and portable abstractions. This approach provides the flexibility needed to support complex multijurisdictional regulatory compliance and allows BlockRules to bring regulatory certainty to security tokens.

Company Profile
  • Legal Name
    BlockRules Ltd.

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