blockimmo is a decentralized online real-estate marketplace. Like (traditional/centralized) online marketplaces, it's easy to use and quick to get started. In fact, the only time a user ‘sees the blockchain’ is during the final confirmation/verification of an investment*. Users unfamiliar with blockchain technology and/or ÐApps will feel comfortable using our platform and can do so from any major browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Status.im, Mist fully supported), and any device (desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly).


blockimmo's first step is to facilitate the investment-in and sale-of (Swiss) real-estate. blockimmo alleviate the bottleneck of the current system5 by moving transactions on-chain (a form of automation, greatly reducing the dependance on intermediaries), and manage the system’s complexity by abstracting legal and regulatory processes from buyer(s) and seller(s).


A property is tokenized and transitioned to its onchain representation when it is listed on blockimmo. The property’s rights and ownership are then controlled, enforced, and represented via Ethereum smart contracts. These asset-backed tokens are sold via crowd-sale, where they can be purchased in small stakes across many investors. Their ownership and trade then live in an ecosystem7 of people, organizations, and smart contracts. Fees are reduced by up to an order of magnitude and transactions become completely transparent due to the removal of intermediaries, which finally benefits the IMMO token investors, as well as the seller and buyer of real estate

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    Digital asset creation (Tokenization)
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    blockimmo AG (Switzerland)

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