QuantmRe launches a security token supported by property assets

The real estate trading platform operator QuantmRe has released its security token EQRE, which is supported by equity participation in US assets.

QuantmRe, which manages the blockchain-based real estate trading platform, announced on Tuesday the launch of the EQRE security token, which allows qualified investors to gain access to US equity-based equity shares. The diversified pool of equity interests provides a high degree of liquidity in this class of US real estate assets, which is almost unaffected until today and which amounts to $ 31.8 trillion.

The security token will be distributed in cooperation with the Prime Trust, which will store digital assets on behalf of investors and will monitor compliance with the rules for countering money laundering (AML) and “know your customer” (KYC).

The funds raised will be invested in tools that help members unlock shares in their homes, which will allow homeowners to access capital through peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. In accordance with the terms of the equity agreement, when the landlord sells the property, QuantmRE will receive back its initial investment, as well as a share of any increase or loss in the price of the house.

QuantmRE founder and CEO Matthew Sullivan commented:

“EQRE is a sign of safety that, in our opinion, Wall Street can love. We create a security tokens linked to a unique class of real estate assets that can be attractive for institutions, as well as for small investors who want to simultaneously dive into crypto assets and real estate assets. There is a low initial investment threshold, and tokens will have intrinsic value, as they will represent property in a diversified pool of US real estate assets.”

“By giving people the opportunity to make capital in their homes liquid, without taking on debt, we turn the “homeowners” who carry the mortgage into homeowners,” he added.

In October, we reported that QuantmRE, in partnership with fintech-based firm Securrency, developed its real estate trading platform. In accordance with the agreement, Securrency should contribute to compliance with the CAT-20 conformance token. The latter is a token security protocol that ensures that tokens comply with regulatory requirements in the blockchain network and during trading on the secondary market.

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