BlueOcean Ventures II Announces Launch Of STO Platform

BlueOcean Ventures II, a medtech VC fund, has just announced that they will be launching SwissVCToken, an STO platform. The platform will be dedicated to the sale of BlueOcean Ventures II’s BOV Token.

Medtech is a burgeoning new industry that has the ability to diagnose, monitor, and treat health issues in an efficient, error-proof way. Streamlining these health services will be one of the most imperative public projects of our time. BlueOcean Ventures II has been focusing on investments in these medtech innovations, in companies that produce medical devices and diagnostics.

BlueOcean Ventures II has worked to build, manage, and coach startups for years– but now, they are moving their equity and funds onto the blockchain.

The BOV Token

BlueOcean Venture II recently announced that they will be releasing their own SwissVCToken, a platform for their STO. The security token platform will support BlueOcean’s BOV token. Backed by the investments of the company, which include some of the top Swiss medtech companies, investors in BOV will redeem any gains from BlueOcean Venture II’s portfolio.

The BOV token is thus like holding a share of the company or a stake in a portfolio.

Emmanuel de Watteville, Co-Founder of BlueOcean Ventures II, made a statement in the announcement saying:

“At BlueOcean, we feel confident in our mission to enable outstanding medtech startups to develop novel devices and treatments…. As the first ever tokenzied medtech VC fund, we are providing a means to shareholding and profit gain that lacks the volatility of traditional tokens and coins within the current crypto space.”

Launched in 2015, BlueOcean Ventures II is a Swiss-based fund created to tap into the unrecognized medtech markets in Switzerland and Europe.

Although few European states recognize STOs, Switzerland has had a track record of being blockchain-friendly. This year, the Swiss stock exchange announced they are in the process of moving to their own blockchain. Currently, Europe is undergoing legal challenges to clarify the legal technicalities of STOs.

BlueOcean Ventures II has the potential to tap into this still young tokenized securities market, in a country that is among the most crypto-friendly in Europe.



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