Top Security Tokens News – Last Digest of 2019

Former SEC Senior Counsel Joins US Security Token Platform As Chief Legal Officer

In a Dec. 17 press release, the San Francisco-based token issuance platform announced the hiring of Levine as its new chief legal officer of TokenSoft and president of DTAC, TokenSoft’s affiliate transfer agent. Source

Security Token Offerings Are (Finally) Set for Takeoff in 2020

2019 saw technology for security token offerings come on leaps and bonds, which promises well for more issuance of these regulated digital assets in 2020. Source

State Street and Gemini to Launch Digital Asset Pilot, Could Involve Security Tokens

As of December 17th 2019, State Street has selected Gemini for the launch of a digital asset pilot project. Gemini has become increasingly involved in the security token industry — and the company’s CEO says the pilot won’t involve security tokens initially, but could in the future. Source

Enterprise Blockchain Company Stratis Launches Security Token Offering Platform

Stratis, an “enterprise blockchain platform,” has launched a security token offering platform for enterprises to issue digital securities. The company reports that its platform has been constructed while in regular dialogue with clients that are engaging with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Stratis is based in the UK. Source

Derek Edward Schloss from the Security Token Academy Discusses State of the Tokenization Economy in the US

There is a lot of hype and hyperbole in the digital asset sector when it comes to securities or utility tokens. To date, the talk has far overshot the reality but that doesn’t mean that advocates aren’t on to something. Part of the discussion revolves around digital securities and the ability to remove intrinsic friction in the currently more analog process. Security issuance and management are ripe for a bit of digital innovation. Source

CryptoKicks: Nike to Tokenize Shoe Ownership on Ethereum

According to a patent dated December 10th, 2019, Nike is planning to tokenize the ownership of exclusive shoes. When purchased, shoes will become linked to a unique owner, all recorded via blockchain technology. The patent says owners will also be provided with added control of their footwear, with the capability to ‘breed’ custom shoes which can be manufactured to produce a tangible product. Source

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