Top 8 Security Tokens News Digest (1 – 15 November 2019)

Legend Siam Worlds 1st Tradition Theme Park Security Token Offering

As the world of startup financing evolves from initial coin offerings (ICOs) to security token offerings (STOs), investment firms are in a race to secure lucrative opportunities for business. With that said, it is, therefore, an impressive achievement for any investment company to curate an STO for such an initiative as Thailand’s first and largest Thai Cultural Theme Park. Source

Leading Japanese Firms Partner on Security Token Research

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group – Japan’s largest financial group and the fifth largest bank in the world by assets – is leading a 22-member research consortium to develop standards around security token management. Source

BnkToTheFuture CEO: 50 Percent of Funding Will Be Through Security Tokens in 2020

Announced in a Nov. 7 statement to investors, BnkToTheFuture acquired an undisclosed stake in BMI Capital International’s holding company, which enables the lending platform to offer STOs to the U.S. market.

In an email to CoinDesk, BnkToTheFuture CEO Simon Dixon said:

“We forecast by 2020 up to 50 percent will opt for an innovative security token that improves the potential for returns for investors over traditional equity. We are aiming to build a new industry and asset class.”


“Paradigm Shift” First Security Token Arrives on Ethereum’s Uniswap DEX

In a milestone development for Ethereum, Uniswap, and the march of tokenization in general, the first ERC20 token representing a traditional security has arrived on Uniswap, the darling decentralized exchange for many DeFi stakeholders. Source

Study: Europe Has The Largest Security Token Ecosystem In The World

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center teamed up with BlockState to identify emerging trends among the nascent security token industry. Their research suggests Europe currently has the largest security token ecosystem in the world, with more companies than any other jurisdiction. The United States leads the space in other categories however, to include quantity of STOs and total volume raised. Source

Nasdaq-powered crypto platform DX.Exchange shuts down; on lookout for merger or acquisition

The Estonia-registered platform, which is built on Nasdaq’s matching engine and market surveillance technology, announced Sunday that it is closing operations as it pursues a merger or outright sale. Source

Polymath: Building Purpose-Built Infrastructure For Security Tokens

Derek Edward Schloss, Director of Strategy at the Security Token Academy and Host of “Security Token Stories,” the industry’s leading security token podcast, recently sat down with Thomas Borrel, Chief Product Officer and Adam Dossa, Head of Blockchain of Polymath, a security token platform that aims to make the creation, issuance, and management of security tokens simple. On the episode, Borrel and Dossa discussed the role Polymath has played facilitating new standards, including the ERC-1400 compliance standard, and building Polymesh, a blockchain that aims to bring regulatory compliance and institutional confidence to the security token industry. Source

Equisafe Provides Update On France’s First Real Estate-Backed STO, Has 15 Tokenizations Planned

Bilal El Alamy is the CEO of Equisafe, a digital investment bank which managed France’s first-ever real estate-backed Security Token Offering, the AnnA Villa. Recently, El Alamy provided updates on both the current status of the AnnA Villa’s tokenization as well as additional tokenizations scheduled to take place in the coming 6 to 9 months. Source

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