Top 3 Security Tokens News – Weekly Digest (17 – 23 June)

Coinbase CFO & CEO: Security Tokens Are the Future

By CCN Markets: What do Coinbase Global CFO Alesia Haas and CEO Patrick Byrne have in common? Both believe that security tokens are the future, according to a panel discussion hosted by Fortune. Now that blockchain startup fundraising is in its second act, Byrne expects that security tokens will be the next “killer app.” Byrne’s was one of the first movers among merchants supporting bitcoin purchases, though crypto transactions never gained traction at the e-commerce company.

He’s also behind tZero, which is a regulated trading platform for security tokens. He says the company has poured between $150 million and $200 million of “shareholder money” to build a system that is SEC-friendly. Byrne is no stranger to run-ins with the securities watchdog, which is why he was sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Source

Polymath Partners With Blockpass To Streamline Identity Verification Of Security Token Investors

Polymath is a platform designed to allow for the easy issuance and management of security tokens. A major part of that process involves the onboarding of investors. Due to the strict regulations which security tokens are subject to, the identification and investor status of prospective investors need to be verified.

Now, Polymath users will be able to utilize a digital identity verification solution thanks to Blockpass. As a regtech and compliance platform, Blockpass utilizes both blockchain technology and smart contracts to digitally verify the identification of investors. Source

Security Tokens Will Be the ‘Killer App’ of Cryptocurrency, Overstock CEO Says

Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade, yet the question still persists: “What’s the purpose of cryptocurrency?” Even though people have bought and sold billions of dollars of the stuff, it has yet to find a role in everyday life.

Now, this search for the cryptocurrency world’s “killer app”—the equivalent of a transformative application like Gmail or Uber—may be over. According to Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock and a longtime booster of digital money, the breakthrough is coming in the form of security tokens. Source

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