Security Tokens Weekly Digest #2 (19-25 Nov, 2018)

UK Token Advisory Firm TokenMarket to Help DOVU Conduct STO

Token advisory service provider TokenMarket announced on Tuesday that it had reached an agreement with blockchain-oriented DOVU, which focuses on mobility use cases. According to the partnership, TokenMarket will support DOVU with its first security token offering (STO) event.

DOVU, a startup backed by Jaguar-Land Rover’s investment branch InMotion Ventures and UK non-profit organization Creative England, had its token sale event last year and secured $6.2 million. The firm used the funds to build a token, wallet, and marketplace ecosystem revolving around mobility rewards. Earlier this month, DOVU announced its intention to sell 5% of its equity through an STO, which is planned for the first quarter of next year. After the equity crowdsale, users will be able to hold both utility and security tokens, with the latter providing ownership rights.



CapBridge granted Singapore license with plans to offer security token exchange

Global private capital platform CapBridge, today announced that it has received approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for its associated entity, CapBridge Platform Pte. Ltd., to operate a securities exchange known as 1exchange (1X) as a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) in Singapore.

CapBridge and Ethereum blockchain technology studio ConsenSys are working to develop a fully compliant private securities exchange built on the public Ethereum blockchain. In due course, this regulated and secure exchange will offer services that include the listing and trading of security tokens.



SPiCE VC Security Token Listed on OpenFinance Network

SPiCE token has become the first security token to get listed on a U.S regulated trading platform

Non-US residents can now trade their tokens, but U.S. accredited investors are required to wait until next year

SPiCE says it will list more security tokens on OFN soonSPiCE VC, a blockchain technology-powered venture capital startup focused on issuing liquid, regulation-compliant security tokens has announced the listing of its token on the OpenFinance Network, a U.S.-based regulated security token platform and non-U.S. investors can now trade their tokens on the exchange, reported Finance Magnates on November 19.



Atomic Capital CEO Outlines Ethereum’s Current Security Token Standards

Atomic Capital CEO Alex Blum recently summarized several ERC-20 security token standards that are currently live on Ethereum. While they all aim to achieve similar goals, the mechanisms and protocols in which they strive for such achievement can differ— sometimes significantly.

Security tokens differ from utility tokens insofar as the former have a strict need for regulatory compliance. This need endures throughout the entire lifecycle of security tokens: from initial issuance to secondary market trading.

Various agencies are responsible for enforcing such regulatory requirements. In the United States, for example, there is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).



KoreConX Announces its Partnership with Bellotti Capital

KoreConX is proud to announce that Bellotti Capital will now be part of the KorePartner’s ecosystem and will be supporting KoreConX security token protocol exclusively.

Bellotti Capital is an exempt market dealer that specializes in the structuring transactions and subsequently placing capital with targeted investor groups. The company also provides support and direction to issuers who are seeking to grow, by taking an active role in the listing process and providing advisory services.

“At Bellotti Capital, our main concern is the wellbeing of early and growth stage ventures. We believe that KoreConX has the same mindset and has developed a fantastic tool that allows companies to find services such as cap table, investor relations, and transfer agent all in one place,” said Frank Bellotti, CEO of Bellotti Capital. “We are excited about what this partnership will bring.”



SEC says tokens are securities

Crypto news got a little boost last week after a dark month of crashes, stablecoins and birthdays. The SEC ruled that two ICO issuers, CarrierEQ Inc. and Paragon Coin Inc., were in fact selling securities instead of so-called utility tokens.

“Both companies have agreed to return funds to harmed investors, register the tokens as securities, file periodic reports with the Commission, and pay penalties,” wrote Pamela Sawhney of the SEC. “These are the Commission’s first cases imposing civil penalties solely for ICO securities offering registration violations.”



SPiCE VC’s Security Tokens Listed on OpenFinance Network

SPiCE VC, a security token-oriented venture capital firm, announced on Monday that its own security token, which was released in March of this year, would be listed on OpenFinance Network, Reuters reports. OpenFinance Network is the first security token trading platform fully regulated in the US. SPiCE VC said that non-US investors are able to buy its security tokens starting from Monday, November 19.

Source partners with The Elephant and GoSecurity for token listings, a trading facility for security tokens, crypto assets, and crypto traded indices has announced a partnership with The Elephant, a tokenized secondary market platform which offers accredited investors an opportunity to buy tokens backed by a block of shares of high tier privately held unicorns.

This partnership will enable The Elephant to list it’s asset-backed tokens on security token trading facilities as soon as the trading platform is live. In addition, will provide The Elephant with access to its partners and clients while The Elephant will help perform the tokenization of the assets and primary issuance of tokenized securities to clients and partners.



Craig Wright Says XRP is a Security And WIll Be SEC’s Next Target

After supporting Bitcoin SV implementation during the recent forking of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, Craig Wright is now focused on Ethereum and XRP. Craig is popular for labelling himself as Satoshi Nakamoto, the brain behind the formation of Bitcoin.

On his Twitter timeline, Wright recently posted that ETH is no longer useful for the real-world application. He backed his argument by alluding to the enactment of regulations against ICOs and virtual currencies by the SEC. The tweet also mentioned that XROP is likely to suffer the implications of the new rules because it is essentially an unregistered security token.



Security Token Offerings (STOs) – The Future Of Fundraising In The Blockchain Industry

A new study by Node Blockchain Inc., a Toronto-based blockchain company with a focus on asset management, independent research, analytics, and proof-of-stake mining, has revealed that Security Token Offerings (STOs) may be the future of fundraising in the blockchain industry.



The Best Legal Jurisdictions for a Security Token Offering

Ideally, the best legal jurisdiction to launch your new STO is the one which has legal certainty on STOs and is reputable. Most jurisdictions around the globe only have laws against fraud; however, that does not provide full regulatory certainty for STOs. This is why you should always consider your participant’s interest before you decide to do something that can cost you a lot. Let’s start with our list.

Continue reading to Offer Art-Based Crypto Collectible Tokens

Selling “atoms”, or parts of an artwork, is yet another example of tokenizing valuables.

Tokenizing art is seen as one of the more exotic applications of blockchain technology, and something of a stretch when it comes to creating a “security token”. Yet has decided to choose this path for its security tokens, planning to distribute shares in a 10-minute video artwork. Shares can be bought from the startup’s site. What the owners of the 2,304 atoms will receive is a small part of a video frame, thus making the ownership of the artwork distributed.



Token generation network Polymath releases core 2.0.0

Token generation platform Polymath (POLY) has announced the release of core version 2.0.0. This 2.0.0 release comes with a lot of improvements. However, in order to introduce some of these new features, the Polymath team had to implement breaking changes to the underlying Security Token smart contract and many other registries and modules, which inevitably break backward compatibility. This means that existing token issuers will only be able to enjoy these new features if they deploy a new token under the 2.0.0 version.



Neufund to Issue First Security on Blockchain for Parent Company Fifth Force GmbH

Berlin-based Neufund, an end to end security token platform, is set to host Europe’s first primary issuance of tokenized equity that is offered to the general public. The first company to use the blockchain based Neufund platform will be parent company Fifth Force GmbH which is scheduled to offer equity tokens on November 27th. The offering will commence with a whitelist subscription period – ending on December 15th after seven days of public sale. Additional details of the offering will be announced on the 27th when the offering page goes live.


Source 2


The Telegraph: Security tokens are another method of raising finance, acting like traditional securities such as equities and bonds

Just as bond and shareholders have a stake in a company’s success or failure, security token holders have an effective interest in the company that issues them.

Such tokens are liable to stricter regulatory oversight, with authorities around the world drawing up guidelines on how such issuances are handled.



Newly Announced and Published STO’s





Sports Ledger


Neufund – Fifth Force

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