Security Tokens Weekly Christmas Digest #7 (24 – 31 Dec, 2018)

STO Global-X Released its Blockchain-based Digital Asset Exchange Platform

STO Global-X, a Singapore based technology company, announced the global release of its institutional-grade, end-to-end digital asset exchange solution — STO Global Exchange (“STGX”). The STGX platform empowers licensed institutions and digital asset exchange operators to offer asset tokenization by creating security tokens (digital assets) and facilitating the investment and ownership of these digital assets via a fully-compliant process. Additionally, STGX offers token issuers and investors a 24/7 global marketplace to directly trade these digital assets – with no intermediaries – in a secure, transparent and fully compliant manner. Read more

SHIPNEXT will accept ‘Amber’ in their Security Token Offering

In what appears to be an industry first, SHIPNEXT has announced that they will be accepting Amber tokens in their Security Token Offering. These tokens, with the ticker ‘AMB’, are the utility token utilized and distributed by Ambrosus. This is of note, as STOs up until now have only accepted various FIAT currencies alongside Bitcoin – Most commonly the USD and EUR. Although digital securities will most likely become more commonplace, this move shows that there is still a potential use, and want, of utility tokens. Read more

Templum Requests Clarity From The SEC For Digital Asset Clearing And Settlement

Templum, a platform for Tokenized Asset Offerings (TOA) and secondary trading, has recently submitted a letter to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requesting clearer regulatory guidance. Templum has suggested that the proper evolution of Fintech requires a clearer framework when it comes to the post-trade activity of digital assets. Read more

TheArtToken (TAT) Token Sale Successfully Completed, Raised $7M

TAT represents fractional ownership of valuable artwork and exemplifies one of the many emerging asset classes of blockchain technology’s latest real-world implementation: security tokens. Token Sale Successfully Completed. TAT raised $7M or 175% of the soft cap. Read more about TheArtToken STO

The Dusk Network to Host ‘BWRE’ Security Token Offering Once Live

The Dusk Foundation has announced the first company that will be utilizing their services. This company, Black Wizard Real Estate (BWRE), will be hosting an STO of their own once the Dusk Network goes live in the coming months. The Dusk foundation was founded in 2018, and is based out of Amsterdam. Above all, with an eye on both confidentiality and regulatory compliance, the team at the Dusk Foundation set out to create a product tailored towards digital securities. The end product is the Dusk Network. Read more

Bitcoin SV Leader Craig Wright Says Security Tokens (STOs) Won’t Decentralize Anything

In the eyes of critics, security tokens violate many of the principles underpinning the cryptocurrency community. Securitization means centralization and identification. Big institutions from government regulators to investment banks will exert control over security tokens and the broader crypto markets. Not least of these, the KYC requirements could weaken the pseudo-anonymous spirit of the blockchain community. Read more

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