Security Tokens News Digest #9 – EOS-based Securities and More

EOS-based Security Tokens Will Be Possible Thanks to the New Protocol

EOS-based security tokens can be made possible by a new protocol that allows you to create a digital asset representing completely legal traditional securities. As Ed Silantyev recently announced, the EOS Financial Security Protocol will result in a faster, cheaper and safer presentation of financial instruments. Source

Fineqia Selects Nivaura as a UK Bond Issuer

Fineqia, a Canadian securities broker, has partnered with Nivaura in the hope of issuing a fully tokenized bond issue in the UK, as announced in a press release on Wednesday. This type of tokenization is still a novelty in crypto-space, combining the value of debt assets with the speed of digital assets. Source

Tokeny to Partner with Issuance to Accelerate Asset Tokenization

The tokenization platform operator Tokeny announced on Thursday a partnership with Issuance, a transaction marketing platform that links to the world of digital securities. The new alliance is emerging against the background of growing interest in security tokens that combine traditional and digital assets. Source

TZERO Overstock Begins Sending its Security Tokens to Investors

The upcoming crypto-trading platform tZERO, owned by the US retail giant Overstock, began on Thursday to distribute its security tokens to its customers. However, the secondary market for assets is still not open, shows the public roadmap of the company. Source

Blockchain Capital Security Tokens were Traded on Secondary Markets Platform

Broker / Dealer SharesPost recently announced that they have successfully completed trading on their secondary market platform. The tokens used were nothing more than BCAP – the representative of digital securities in Blockchain Capital. Source

Security Token Trading Platform Cezex Will Be Operating in Asian Region

CEZEX, the first licensed foreign virtual currency exchange launched from the Philippine Administration of the Cagayan Economic Zone (“CEZA”), will allow users to trade in fiat and cryptocurrency, security tokens, secured assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate and derivatives, including CFDs and products. Source

New Security Token Offerings

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