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royal society open science author guidelines

In accordance with our preprint policy, we encourage authors to deposit early versions of articles in appropriate subject repositories or preprint servers. This should be no more than 100 words and aim to outline, to a lay audience, your research and any relevant findings. This information will be provided to journalists wishing to promote your paper, so please ensure it is updated while uploading your revisions. All authors are required to grant us a licence to publish. Appeals in Royal Society Open Science. 2.6 Ethical Approval Acknowledgement. A list of Article Publication Charges for Wiley journals is available here. 2.1 Originality. Manuscripts that do not meet the required English language standard (where the quality of the science is obscured by the quality of the language) will be returned to the authors. You are permitted to suggest suitably qualified reviewers, especially from underrepresented groups (including women, ethnic minority scientists, scientists with disabilities and other underrepresented groups), early career researchers, and researchers from the global South. The following file formats are most suitable: TeX/LaTeX-coded figures should be converted to postscript format (PS, EPS or PDF). Provision of ORCIDs by co-authors is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. Authors submitting to Royal Society Open Science will be required to agree to the open access licence. In circumstances where the original referees are unavailable or unwilling to review the revised or resubmitted manuscript, the Editors may need to seek new reviewers. Authors should submit supplementary materials as supporting files with their submission via ScholarOne Manuscripts, including titles and descriptions in the submission form. by adding copyright information to the figure caption, or material must be identified to the Royal Society production team so that the relevant information can be added to the general copyright line for the paper. Our editorial policies can be found here.Please read these carefully before submission, paying particular attention to our ethics, open data and open access policies. The format is open to attempts of replication as well as novel studies. Free deposit of data in Dryad which now covers all of science 4. Present the authors' affiliation addresses (where the actual work was done) below the names. The scope is broad and covers the whole spectrum of preclinical and translational biomedical research. It is a companion journal to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.The journal publishes research papers, research letters, clinical and methodological reviews, and case reports. Before reviewing for Royal Society Open Science, please familiarise yourself with the scope of the journal. Exceptions to this policy are at the Editor’s discretion only. Review our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines Each journal has a set of individual author guidelines which provide advice on how to prepare your paper for submission. A Word template is also available to assist authors in preparing their manuscript. Open Science Journal (OSJ) is multidisciplinary Open Access journal. Please note that, because of the high cost of colour printing, the final decision on colour usage is made at the discretion of the Editor. The authors are grateful to Dr B. Peterson (School of Engineering) and Dr A. Nila (LaVision) for their advice on the laser tests and for lending related equipment, and to Dr K. Dunn (School of Engineering), Prof. F. Denison (Queen's Medical Research Institute) and Dr F. Mehendale (Usher Institute) for procuring the tested face masks. Note that the Royal Society Publishing logo will be placed over the bottom left corner of the image. Preference is given to papers that make a new and notable contribution—an idea, a discovery, a connection—to psychological science, broadly interpreted to include emerging as well as established areas of research (e.g., … Download the LaTeX class file and instructions as a zip folder. Authors submitting to Open Biology and Royal Society Open Science will be asked to agree to the open access licence. However, each journal will have further, specific article types, so you should always refer to a journal’s specific author guidelines while preparing your manuscript.. Full papers are o riginal, unpublished primary research. Given large submission volumes, new submissions are prioritised over appeals by the Editors. BMJ Open Science is an open access journal and levies an Article Publishing Charge (APC) of 1,500 GBP (+ any applicable VAT). After publication, we encourage you to share your work on social media and across your professional networks. It is a condition of publication that authors make the primary data, materials (such as statistical tools, protocols, software) and code publicly available. The main article should stand on its own merit. Once returned, the reviewer comments are sent to the Associate Editor (who may provide additional comments), and then finally to the Subject Editor for their decision, which is then sent to the author(s). A Registered Report (RR) is a form of journal article in which methods and proposed analyses are pre-registered and peer-reviewed prior to research being conducted (stage 1). Type 3 fonts are not accepted. We support New Zealanders to explore, discover and share knowledge. Furthermore, referee suggestions should reflect that science is global - no more than half (ie 2) of the reviewer suggestions should be from the same country unless there are strong reasons for doing so. Please also detail whether informed consent was obtained and by whom. The Royal Irish Academy/Acadamh Ríoga na hÉireann champions research. Journal signatories are expressing their support of the principles of openness, transparency, and reproducibility, expressing interest in the guidelines and commit to conducting a review within a year of the standards and levels of adoption. It is operated by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a not-for-profit research and educational institution. If the authors have previously had that paper returned twice by the Editorial office, they will not generally be given a third opportunity to address concerns – if the Editorial office must return the paper a third time, the paper will be rejected. Royal Society Publishing Instructions for Authors. LaTeX class file We require authors to provide evidence for the homogeneity, purity and identity of all compounds they claim to be new. Royal Society Open Science authors have the right to appeal rejection decisions. The Royal Society, formally The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, is a learned society and the United Kingdom's national academy of sciences.Founded on 28 November 1660, it was granted a royal charter by King Charles II as "The Royal Society". This work was supported by the Wellcome Trust [grant numbers xxxx, yyyy]; the Natural Environment Research Council [grant number zzzz]; and the Economic and Social Research Council [grant number aaaa]. bioRxiv is an online archive and distribution service for preprints in the life sciences. Registered charity number 207043, (Lines open Mon-Fri, 9:00-17:00. Guidelines for composing and submitting Alt Text (alternative text) (PDF) , short pieces of descriptive text attached to figures or images to make them accessible to people with visual impairment or print disabilities. Consequently, it may be several weeks before you receive a decision regarding the appeal. The Royal Statistical Society has launched a call for a themed issue of the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A (Statistics in Society).. The title will be Big Data Meets Survey Science.. Manuscript Submission Guidelines: Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine This Journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics. Think about the words you would use to search online for articles on the same topic; these often make the best keywords. Supplementary material can be used for supporting data sets, supporting movies, figures and tables, and any other supporting material. Please see the Competing Interests section of our Openness policy for more information. Subscribe to our newsletters to be updated with the latest news on innovation, events, articles and reports. The flagship journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry An open access journal for findings of exceptional significance from across the chemical sciences All articles free to read, free to publish from 2015 The editor’s decision is final and will not be influenced or compromised in any way by the Society. All papers submitted to Royal Society Open Science are assessed by an Editor at submission to determine whether they should be sent for further independent peer review. Whilst it will aid our production team if your final manuscript uses this format, it is not a requirement for submission. The abstract should be no more than 200 words and should not contain references or unexplained abbreviations or acronyms. Each reference should contain as many of the following elements as possible: Use the DOI Citation Formatter to help you to format your citation. We provide full details on Registered Reports. Manuscript Submission Guidelines: Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine This Journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics. The journal strictly maintains referee anonymity, so although we do encourage reviewers to sign their reports, this will be voluntary. 2016 Data from: A scenario for the evolution of selective egg colouration: the roles of enemy-free space, camouflage, thermoregulation, and pigment limitation. Visit our Open access publishing page to learn more. Please include at least 3 and up to 6 keywords. Open Access Articles; Submit. The best titles are written with both human readers and search engines in mind; including keywords in your title will help readers discover your article online. Authors submitting to most other Royal Society journals will be asked to agree to our standard licence by default. TeX files submitted must be generated using pdfTeX Version 3.1415926-2.4-1.40.13, TeXLive 2012 or earlier versions. Authors should provide suggestions of recommended and opposed referees. Please see our Chemistry Editorial Board page for more details of the collaboration. Potential authors should bear in mind that Royal Society Open Science serves all scientific disciplines, and generates wide public interest: making your review accessible, and relevant, to a range of audiences is strongly encouraged. Your article title should be a short description of the research you are reporting. ... What we do Science Teaching Leadership Programme CREST Awards Powering Potential Talented School Students Travel Award. Royal Society Open Science operates open peer review for all manuscripts, making the review process as transparent as possible. The data, code or other digital research materials must be publicly accessible and clearly indicated as such, per our instructions above, and your manuscript will be returned to you in the event the Editor does not consider your data accessibility statement to meet our submission requirements, and you will be asked to provide further details. If your supplementary file contains complex formatting or equations we would recommend that you submit it as a PDF file with fonts embedded to avoid compatibility problems for readers. Please acknowledge anyone who contributed to the study but did not meet the authorship criteria. The corresponding author of the rejected paper should submit the grounds for their appeal via email to the Editorial Office), addressed to the Editor. Author Guidelines; Submission Site; Open Access; For Reviewers; Purchase; Alerts; About. This Journal recommends that authors follow the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals formulated by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). ... authors must fill in the Open Science Compliance form. A tracked changes document of the text is required to be included as part of the ‘response to referees’ document for all resubmissions. You will also be required to provide a Data Availability statement; detailed guidance can be found below. Many colour-blind readers cannot interpret visuals that rely on discrimination of green and red, for example. AB carried out the molecular lab work, participated in data analysis, carried out sequence alignments, participated in the design of the study and drafted the manuscript; CD carried out the statistical analyses and critically revised the manuscript; EF collected field data and critically revised the manuscript; GH conceived of the study, designed the study, coordinated the study and helped draft the manuscript. Please note that it is the editorial policy of Royal Society Open Science to offer authors only one round of revision in which to address changes requested by referees. Publication. Publication of an article will be delayed if proofs are not returned by the given deadline. As part of these efforts, the Royal Society has published an In Verba blog post, a guidance PDF, and short video animation to support users in understanding and tackling unconscious bias. Please take care to follow the Royal Society Publishing Instructions for Authors when preparing your article for submission. Authors can either submit a Replication study that is already completed or a proposal to replicate a previous study. Royal Society Open Science supports submission of manuscripts via bioRxiv, meaning that after submitting to bioRxiv there is the facility to transmit their manuscript files and metadata directly to Royal Society Open Science for peer review. Users do not need to notify the authors or the publisher about using the material. You are no longer required to add these statements in the manuscript itself - these statements will be automatically added to the paper if accepted for publication. All authors gave final approval for publication and agree to be held accountable for the work performed therein. If your study uses animals please include details of the ethical approval received, including the name of the committee that granted approval and number of the licence/approval received. If you are unsure whether you have a competing interest please contact the relevant journal editorial office for advice. Please also review our licensing and open access conditions. Appeals must be received by the Editorial office within 14 calendar days of the rejection decision to be considered by the Editors. "A little bit of anxiety is good in this case," says Toby Wise, a visiting postdoctoral scholar at Caltech and lead author of the new study appearing in the journal Royal Society Open Science. Updated 10/23/20. Only one appeal is permitted for each manuscript. Major alterations to content cannot be made at this stage. This will be appraised by the reviewers, and provided necessary conditions are met, will be published. If the referees are not satisfied by the changes made and responses offered by the authors, the paper may be rejected by the Editors in line with the above policy. Editors of the following journals have the option to offer the author a transfer to another Royal Society journal. Numerical citations - Numerical references are given within the text as s uperscripted number. Communication or update papers will be published under the research article category. It is the oldest national scientific institution in the world. The appeal is unsuccessful; the rejection decision is not overturned; The appeal is a success; the rejection is overturned, and an resubmission of the paper is invited. Citing datasets and code ensure effective and robust dissemination and appropriate credit to authors. At first submission, authors can submit their manuscript in any format; however, we do still encourage authors to read the manuscript preparation guidelines below and to consider how easy a manuscript is to read by reviewers and editors. Our authors are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with these publications when considering submitting to the journal. Reviewers are also provided with information on how to peer review for the journal. Use the same superscripted number for subsequent citations of the same work. Please read our data sharing policies carefully before submission. Evidence such as a certificate of editing or a signed letter from a native speaker of English would be acceptable. This may affect how the same material can be used in other situations. Perspectives take the form of a review that provides the reader with an overview of the subject and give a personal insight into the advances and challenges the future may hold. author details, funding information, keywords etc.). This will make it easier and quicker for authors to complete their submission. SUMMARY. Note that length restrictions, article types and other journal specific information are available on the ‘Author information’ page on each journal website. Research article Transfers may be offered when an article does not meet the scope requirement of the original journal. For some rejected manuscripts, the authors will be permitted to resubmit a revised version – this will be at the Editor’s discretion. The list of authors should meet the criteria provided on our policy page. Papers must be submitted using our online submission system. All rights reserved, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY) licence, Promoting your latest paper, and tracking your results, Author surnames with initials (up to 10 before et al. Articles describing new animal species must conform to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. In-text Citations. When deciding on authorship and other contributors please consider equity, diversity and inclusion. You will also need to confirm that you have full permission to reproduce the image online and in print in perpetuity. There are a number of ways you can promote your paper after publication to maximise impact. readership of Royal Society Open Science. It is important to ensure that your user details are up to date (institution, email and telephone number). You may forward the email to your co-authors or colleagues in order for them to access the paper, however please note that these electronic reprints may NOT be used for commercial purposes or posted on openly accessible websites, unless published under a CC-BY licence. You can upload any potential images as a 'Cover Image' when submitting your revised files. Research on humans or human tissues will require a statement detailing ethical approval (including the name of the research body that granted approval and the project/licence number). Please state the sources of funding for each author. In rare cases when authors make excessive changes to their papers at the proof stage (see section 5.4 ), it may be necessary to charge for the increased production costs incurred. Try to link your research with examples or analogies as this enables journalists to understand and relate to your work. High visibility and impact, including the support of the Society’s media team Find out more about the benefits of publishing with th… Editorial independence is respected. Known for rigorous, fair peer review and fast publication times, our journals publish the best science, from original research articles to authoritative reviews. Figure and table captions should be provided within the manuscript, and should be brief and informative, and include any relevant copyright information if taken from a published source. There is no need to upload files again and re-enter author information, thus saving the author time. All our journals use a system based on Vancouver style referencing. Royal Society Te Apārangi supports New Zealanders to explore, discover and share knowledge. Each file can be up to 30MB, but should ideally be much less. Where applicable, manuscripts must adhere to our guidelines regarding length (see each journal website). is used), First and last page numbers, or article number, PowerPoint, Excel or Word if the figure was created using 1 of these packages, DNA sequences: Genbank accessions F234391-F234402 [REF#], Phylogenetic data, including alignments: TreeBASE accession number S9123 [REF#], Climate data and MaxEnt input files: Dryad doi:10.5521/dryad.12311 [REF#]. Find out more about our open access options here. This blog post provides our top tips for ensuring your paper is seen by a wide and relevant audience. Please note that references to datasets must also be included in the reference list with DOIs where available. Open access papers are published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY) licence. Authors with supplementary material files of a larger size (in particular, movies) should contact the relevant journal editorial office for further assistance. Proceedings B (to Royal Society Open Science, Biology Letters, Open Biology or Interface) Transfers may be offered when an article does not meet the scope requirement of the original journal. Thank you for your feedback. All our other journals offer an open access option. Vector fonts (such as Type1, truetype, opentype etc.) As part of our open data policy, we ask that data and code are hosted in a public, recognised repository, with an open license (CC0 or CC-BY) clearly visible on the landing page of your dataset. One set of page proofs is sent to the corresponding author, showing the final layout of the article as it will appear in the published version. This page explains how to prepare your article for submission to any of our journals, with the exception of Notes and Records and Biographical Memoirs. Competing interests are defined as those that, through their potential influence on behaviour or content or from perception of such potential influences, could undermine the objectivity, integrity or perceived value of publication. The word limit for comments and replies is 1000 words. If you are submitting a LaTeX file please see our LaTeX guidelines below. Usually these will be background, methods, results, discussion and conclusions, however please feel free to use whatever headings and subheadings best suit your article. Online supplementary material will carry the title and description provided during the submission process, so please ensure these are accurate and informative. You are welcome to submit a potential cover image for use on the journal website and on our press site for media promotion of your article. Files on figshare will be made available approximately one week before the accompanying article so that the supplementary material can be attributed a unique DOI. On revision, figures should be uploaded as separate files. exact date of registration or/and registration number). This allows anybody to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt, even for commercial purposes, under the condition that the user must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse the user or their use of the work). The journal Editors may crop, rotate or otherwise adjust images to fit the cover. For further details contact our sales team. Spelling should be British English. Categories of manuscripts. All papers that report primary data will require a section that states where the article's supporting data, materials and code can be accessed. Figures from other sources should be fully acknowledged in the caption, and written permission sought for both print and electronic reproduction before being used (where relevant). APCs for Registered Reports led by PhD students are currently waived. Torres-Campos I, Abram PK, Guerra-Grenier E, Boivin G, Brodeur J. In order to make it as easy as possible to comply with this policy, the Royal Society Open Science submission system is integrated with the Dryad data repository. If you are unable to do this (e.g. Our mission is to improve the transparency, integrity and reproducibility of biomedical research. Enter your email address below and we will send you your username, If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. If the revisions are not considered satisfactory by the Editor or referees, the paper may be rejected, and not considered further for publication by the journal. London: Royal Society of Chemistry; 2015. p. 54-72. if your chosen repository only allows upload after manuscript submission) please contact the Editorial Office to discuss alternative options. Authors do not need to submit the raw data collected during an investigation if the standard in the field is to share data that have been processed (e.g. If you are approached by a journalist prior to publication, please contact the Society's press office. Royal Society Open Science and Open Biology are fully open access journals and all articles in these journals are published under a CC-BY licence. Enter your email address below and we will send you the reset instructions. Copies of the printed issue can be purchased on request for some journals. Appeals are considered at the discretion of the Editors. Perspectives can be selective in their coverage rather than an in-depth review of an area. The journal operates a single-blind peer review policy, whereby reviewers are aware of the author(s) identities but the reviewer identities are withheld unless the reviewers waive their right to anonymity (see our open peer review policy below). Should report high quality research providing a meaningful contribution to the scientific literature. Upon election to the Royal Society, Fellows and Foreign Members are invited to contribute a Perspective article. Distinguished, international Editorial Board. About the journal. Review articles All relevant information must be included in the main article. As the flagship journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry, this retrospective themed collection in Chemical Science collects some exceptionally significant and highly representative publications from the … Please note that it is not permitted to publish reviewer reports, decision letters and author responses for rejected papers. All figures will be published in colour online (the version of record), but will be reproduced in black and white in any print versions of the journal by default.

Shamirpet Registration Office, Boston Medical Center Ob Gyn Residency, Or Else At The Beginning Of A Sentence, Sale On Men's Clothes, Versova Beach Turtles, Pj Tucker Age, Harford County Population 2020, Contact Cement Roller, Attribute Rule Examples, Bakr Bin Abdul Rahman Al-sudais, Royal Society Open Science Author Guidelines, Chickpea Flour For Face,

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