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middle kootenay pass

Jake Smith, Scarpe and Commerce from the south outlier. Viditelnost. Starting Tue Jan 12 at 12:00 PM PST until Tue Jan 12 at 3:00 PM PST. I was still hurting quite a bit from my first bike ride of the year on Deadman Pass Peak a few days earlier, but the only way to cure pain is to liberally layer more pain on top so I readily agreed that something with an even longer and much rougher bike approach was the obvious choice (!!). Interior, as … Views over Middle Kootenay Pass (L) towards Rainy and Three Lakes Ridge. I’m not “claiming” a fourth summit here! This was not good timing, considering the very complex terrain we were staring up, but again there wasn’t much else to do but get our noses into things. Pocitová teplota-3° Tlak vzduchu. I had a planned route for both Miles and Krowicki that I’d put together a few years previous when planning a trip with Wietse that never panned out. Copious amounts of snow greeted us just below the pass on the Alberta side of the border. Glacier Lilies and the Middlepass Valley. Considering we blitzed this whole valley (minus Scarpe) in two day trips was overwhelming for our tired minds, so we turned around and concentrated on descending to our bikes instead. A series of slides claimed about 68 lives. Nugara underwhelms this route a bit IMHO. Operating in a pandemic environement, we ask that all participants read, understand, follow and respect the important guidelines below for the health and safety of everyone. 16:44. 28 Nov 2020 - Rent from people in Kootenay Pass, Canada from $27 AUD/night. Délka dne. Nelson, BC: The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) is monitoring the situation involving a single-vehicle crash on Highway 3 at the Kootenay Pass yesterday evening that spilled a … 28/12. Krowicki at left and Tombstone at right. Passengers asked to remain inside vehicles during sailing. In my books any terrain this loose and exposed, where a fall will definitely severely injure or most likely kill, is 4th class and “difficult”. We had to be very delicate with our holds, pulling or pushing on anything too hard would guarantee its failure. This map has been created with the help of CAA professionals, ACMG/UIFMG members, and GIS technicians. Kootenay Pass Hwy 3, Salmo Creston Highway Summit, looking east. At first and second glances we felt like morons to even bother continuing, but as usual in the chossy Rockies getting our noses right into things tamed them somewhat. The interesting thing was the different routes Phil and I had in mind. For some reason despite the gloomy conditions and scary looking terrain I had no desire to give up until we really had to. Creston Hwy 3 and Hwy 3A junction at Creston, looking southeast. Západ slunce. At first glance Phil was quite concerned about the NE face traverse but I surmised that it would actually be quite easy on ledges or snow. Help Wanted Middle Kootenay Pass and the following nearby mountains, lakes and other landmarks have no photos. About 100m further along the trail all my effort to keep my feet dry was wasted in the form of another, deeper, stream and copious amounts of snow. Middle Kootenay Pass . Phil descends towards Middlepass Creek with Red Argillite Peak rising high above now. We intersected with our exit route from our Rainy Ridge Traverse and ascended the familiar sandy road to finally crest Middle Kootenay Pass. Ready for the long march up the Middlepass exploration road to Middle Kootenay Pass. Thankfully there seemed to be a pocket of less fresh snow right around the Castle Ski Resort for some reason – another reason for this trip choice obviously. See the green line on my detailed route map for my interpretation of his instructions. In classic Vern and Phil style we overanalyzed this situation for about 10 minutes (while biking uphill) before finally agreeing that any snow we encountered would be too soft for crampons. 49.2667°, Longitude. Avalanche control work planned between West Avalanche Gate and East Avalanche Gate for 18.0 km (Kootenay Pass). Yes. Great views back down the Middlepass Creek valley from near Middle Kootenay Pass. Volunteers gain hands-on learning experience on invasive plant management, plant ecology, proper removal and disposal techniques. Nahimutang ni sa lalawigan sa Alberta, sa habagatang bahin sa nasod, 2,900 km sa kasadpan sa Ottawa ang ulohan sa nasod. We encourage residents and visitors to visit the BC Wildfdire Service web page below to gather information regarding fire bans, permits and for reporting a fire. Kootenay Pass lies between Salmo and Creston at an elevation of 1775m (5823’) at the highest point of Highway 3. Goatfell - E Hwy 3, near Goatfell, about 9 km northwest of Yahk, looking east. Looking north past Gravenstafel (L) and Southfork / Barnaby Ridge (R). We discussed this as we ascended and came to the conclusion that combining Miles and Krowicki with Middle Kootenay made much more sense and hence our objectives changed yet again! Taking a shortcut towards Middle Kootenay Mountain. Can't get enough of Tombstone Mountain and the lush valley beneath it. After returning from the summit of Jake Smith Peak, I was feeling a bit more energy than before the short scramble and we decided that since we were in the area, we might as well tag both the west and east “RA” peaks. The Regional District of Central Kootenay does not have any burning restriction bylaws in place. Gorgeous views to Red Argillite and Rainy Ridge. Most of the difficult SW ridge was fairly easy to descend – other than loose holds which continued to threaten our existence. The summit of “Middle Kootenay Mountain,” aptly named by James Yearous, is on the far right. I only bailed off the bike once, after losing concentration while fiddling with my Gopro. The information below was accurate as of the last time the trail was run. 14 km . We ascended an annoying scree slope for about 100m before the SW ridge really made itself known. Phil drove us the many kilometers towards the Castle Ski Resort and the start of our bike approach along the West Castle River Road. Unfortunately the stream just beyond it was rushing across the track with lots of energy and a big snow bank lay just beyond. As we ascended we were buffeted by a stiff, cool wind which combined with my soaking wet feet to make me a wee bit grumpy. We’d come 6.5 km already in only 1 hour 15 minutes so the bike were once again a no-brainer for these objectives. Andrew Nugara outlines several routes to each summit, with alternative and easier descents. This couldn’t be the “easy” line could it?! A disadvantage of approach shoes is that they transfer the cold from snowy ascents directly to the feet – much more than boots do. It's light Rough GPS position Latitude. 2066 Pass Creek Rd , Central Kootenay, BC V1N4T is currently not for sale. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. I was amazed with myself that I biked down this in the dark the previous fall! Rosný bod-8° Vlhkost. 8 h 36 min . Summit views include Rainy and Three Lakes Ridge, Jake Smith, Scarpe, Krowicki, Miles. Middle Kootenay Pass, the trail Poelt rode that first day of spring, borders Alberta and British Columbia. Metro-One. Views over West Castle and Lys Ridge towards Castle and Windsor Peak. Východ slunce. Not only is this summit small and fast from the col, it actually has an interesting moderate / difficult little step up it’s north end if you choose to go that way – which of course we did. Castle - Middle Kootenay Pass. How difficult could it be right? 11 set 2020 - Affitta da persone del posto a Kootenay Pass, Canada a 17€ a notte. Middle Kootenay Mountain II. Aboriginal packers warned of the avalanche danger that day. There are a few ways into … Airbnb, casa tua, ovunque nel mondo. As the bruins shuffled across open avalanche slopes far beneath and away from our descent line, we resumed our exit. The O’s discovered that no recent tracks were coming from BC, but all tracks observed were accessing from A’s astle Special Management Area, which is closed for approximately 1 KM into AB. Mount Doupe and Piaysoo (R) lie across the Flathead River. I am sitting on my chair at the desk and I’m getting vertigo watching you walk on that ridge. Mount Miles with the Flathead Valley beyond. Not with the mountain we were on, but with the next objective on our list. 08:32. Sobota. Kootenay Lake Ferry : Kootenay Lake Ferry. We knew we were in a temporary squall but neither of us had the desire to wait it out and we started a very careful descent. Bow Summit on the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park, Alberta, is higher at 2,088 m (6,850 ft). (Assuming that the pruned gear isn’t needed later of course…). We were going back to an obscure corner of the Rockies where a tiny paradise valley lies tucked away, just inside BC across the Alberta border past the SW corner of Castle Provincial Park. The traverse of the NE ledges was much quicker and easier than the snow traverse on Miles and before long we were off the slabs and looking up a very intimidating east ridge. We shortcut the col on loose terrain to gain the south end of the SW ridge of Krowicki, only to see darn storm clouds and what looked like rain or snow quickly approaching from the northwest. Oops. This was a bit unfortunate because we remembered the upper section of track to Middle Kootenay Pass as very pleasant downhill riding. Krowicki has a dubious distinction of sporting a summit crater rather than a summit cairn. Great views across Middlepass Creek to Three Lakes Ridge. Looking back along the south ridge towards Krowicki Peak. We finally warmed up as we took a break from the stiff, cool wind and settled into the next part of our day – figuring out the scrambling route on Mount Miles. UO bears no responsibility for the veracity of the information at any date past that listed. Nugara mentions the traverse between Rainy and Three Lakes Ridge as doable but not highly recommended, especially in the direction we were going to be doing it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Wildflowers were blooming in the wet dirt slopes around us and we were both silent, ascending step after step lost in our own thoughts. 29/11. The puget smells of Winter death and Spring life filled our nostrils as the angle of the road slowly ramped upwards to the pass. This is our first video. 49.2667°, Longitude. Drive BC is reporting the work between West Avalanche … Despite the fact that Nugara puts Krowicki 30m lower than Miles, I think they’re pretty much the exact same height – and they looked it. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. I thought that if the North Kootenay Pass was only half as interesting and scenic as it’s brothers Middle Kootenay Pass (southeast of Mount Haig ) and South Kootenay Pass (south of Kishinena Peak ), the trip would still be a resounding success. Phil was also busy picking out possible lines as we picked our way very carefully towards the summit. #1823 Posted Jan 11, 2020, 11:26 AM. From Middle Kootenay Pass, it’s an enjoyable ~1.7 km hike to reach the first Middlepass Lake or ~1.5 km to reach the base of the north ridge (centre). Next update time Fri Feb 5 at 12:00 PM PST. You will find this content on our new website under the weather forecast. Three Lakes Ridge (L), Jake Smith Peak and Mount Scarpe (R). Looking back at Krowicki Peak from the south outlier. Belong anywhere with Airbnb. Napnyugta. The final narrow ridge to the summit was a cakewalk compared to the crap leading up to it and soon we were looking down at the summit crater with puzzled expressions. The forecast shows local time for Middle Kootenay Pass. The descent of the scree / dirt south slopes of Middle Kootenay Mountain towards the east face of Mount Miles went without issue. After approaching the Middlepass Lakes and scrambling up Rainy Ridge it was time to traverse towards the creatively named, “Three Lakes Ridge” – the professional cartographers must have been on holidays when these peaks were monikered. We got a Gopro for Christmas and decided to take it out that week. Ha – they do blend in nicely! So naturally we changed objectives half a dozen times before finally settling on a bike ‘n scramble. Szél 22 km/óra. Up to 60 cm snow in Boundary-Kootenay Meanwhile, a winter storm warning is in effect for Highway 3 through the Boundary-Kootenay region, including the Kootenay Pass and Kootenay Lake. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Skirting cliffs on the east side of Krowicki. Andrew Nugara outlines several routes to each summit, with alternative and easier descents. Ditching the bikes where we did proved to be a smart decision. Approaching the east ridge of Middle Kootenay Mountain after shortcutting the pass. We kept ascending a fairly snowy trail until it made sense to follow a dry path leading towards the lower east ridge of Middle Kootenay Mountain well before reaching Middle Kootenay Pass. Learn how your comment data is processed. We had two options to travel along the east face before contouring around and ascending much easier east gullies to the summit ridge. Kootenay Pass Ski Touring Map. Phil comes up the south slope of Mount Miles. Last updated Thu Jan 7 at 4:40 PM PST. This was a fantastic and highly recommended trip to a neat “little” corner of the Rockies that has its own special atmosphere and feel to it. Read our COVID-19 guidelines by clicking this banner before visiting one of our parks. Phil ascends the crux wall on the south ridge of Krowicki. After arriving at the bikes all that was remaining was the fun and terrifying ride out to the West Castle River and the ski resort. Covid-19 precautions in place. 1011.9 hPA. (DBC-24050) Needles Ferry : Needles Ferry. The exploration road varied in condition from an obvious road to a narrow single track to an overgrown gravel path. A group of 15 hikers from a high school group were checked hiking out of the East Flathead where they had camped for a night at a remote lake. Descending south slopes towards Mount Miles. 28/11 06:00. March 28, 2019. Looking to the crux section on Krowicki Peak's south ridge. Oh well. 18 Dec 2020 - Rent from people in Kootenay Pass, Canada from $28 NZD/night. Leadville Rd Hwy 3, in Kitchener about 18 km east of Creston, looking east. Descending along a lovely creek and meadow to Middlepass Creek. Trust me though – I looked fine, other than my disappearing bottom half. Phil immediately gave up 1.3″ (yes – that’s INCHES) into the stream and proceeded to wade across. We descended blocky, snow covered boulders and small cliff bands to our left (south) until we could gain the ridge leading to the main summit block. You can read more about the ongoing changes here. Phil on the south ridge of Krowicki Peak. North Kootenay Pass was recommended to me by the King of Southern Alberta hiking, Joey Ambrosi. Traversing the false summit to the true one. "Middle Kootenay Mountain " November 30, 2008. The rough road leading from the West Castle River to Middle Kootenay Pass was very familiar. Phil leaves the parking area and starts biking up the West Castle River. We also noticed how dry the peaks on each side of us looked and started questioning the added weight / bulk of the axes and crampons. Harmatpont-6° Páratartalom. We ascended steep south slopes to the summit ridge. They blend in nicely with the scree! Snowfall should begin Monday evening, growing heavier through Tuesday. Eventually we made it to a steep, stepped gully and ascended straight up it on surprisingly firm ground. Creston Hwy 3 and Hwy 3A junction at Creston, looking southeast. During these events a group of volunteers removes an invasive plant infestation in their community. 86 new COVID-19 cases, two more deaths in Interior Health. Traversing the east aspect of Mount Miles. Max-5° Min-9° Hétfő. We briefly explored an obvious O&G gravel platform part way up the road (probably the reason it exists) before continuing up the much more overgrown and diminished road to the pass. After meeting at 05:30 in De Winton, I could tell that Phil was enamored with my camo pants attire for the day. Interesting flora as we descend a bump along the east ridge. Views to the Crowsnest Pass include Crowsnest Mountain (R). The day was turning into another stunner. Skirting cliffs on the east side of Krowicki with the weather moving in. Just Posted. Middle Kootenay and Tombstone stole the show from this summit – at least until we started the traverse down to the Krowicki col. As we biked up the wide road, the local song birds did their best to serenade us to the tune of the rushing West Castle River. Relax! Middle Kootenay area has a little bit of everything: boondocking, steep and deep, meadows and tree riding. Looking back at Phil descending around the false summit. I’m not gonna lie – hiking up snow with soaking wet feet sucked a bit. Registered User : Join Date: Sep … After stashing our bikes next to the road, we kept walking until we reached the trailhead for the Middlepass Lakes. Three Lakes Ridge rises in front of Nathan as he crosses the Continental Divide into BC. 14 km . Last week we came up short of the summit of this peak after bailing on an attempt of Rainy Ridge. As we descended I spotted what I thought was 3 hikers far below on a snow slope in our descent gully! The new deaths are from Heritage Square, a long-term care facility in Vernon 2020 hunting season review and wildlife update: Part III. The 1,614 sq. Both the summer and winter topographic maps use a 1: 20,000 scale with the winter map containing 23 georeferenced photographs of various ski slopes. (Being somewhat flexible on route is key to making big days in the mountains successful.). The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until October. Middle Kootenay Pass Google Map View Topo Map View. January 17, 2009. Kootenay Pass, British Columbia, Canada. Last updated Thu Jan 7 at 4:40 PM PST. Alle bakjesliften in het regionaal district Central Kootenay in skigebieden, Omschrijving bakjeslift, Kaart: Bakjesliften in het regionaal district Central Kootenay Central Kootenay: Bakjesliften Now we turn right to Middle Kootenay Pass. Brad steps across Middlepass Creek as we begin our ascent of the north ridge. 26/12 11:00. 27/12. In addition to the exposure looming under my feet, there were loose boulders and rocks threatening to fall from above. Environment Canada has issued a winter storm warning for Highway 3 from Paulson Summit (between Grand Forks and Castlegar) to Kootenay Pass. The weather was still pretty awful and I was frozen – especially my hands, despite being in thin gloves the whole day. Krowicki and Miles - our next two summits. We hit the road with zero bushwhacking and started our long exit march up towards Middle Kootenay Pass. Loose towers of crumbling rock with extreme exposure on both sides greeted us like a cold shower. Pushing the bikes up towards Middle Kootenay Pass. Creston Hwy 3 and Hwy 3A junction at Creston, looking southeast. The timezone in Middle Kootenay Pass is America/Cambridge_Bay Morning Sunrise at 08:12 and Evening Sunset at 16:41. compliance was found when the O’s patrolled up the closed portion of Middle Kootenay Pass (Fig 8). Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. I’d much rather see the bears and know they’re around than not see them and “enjoy” a surprise party in some thick alder trees on exit. The scenery at the Pass was terrific. Immediately after the crossing we decided there was too much snow on the trail and we ditched the bikes. South of Crowsnest Highway 3 there are only several passes that are tough but reasonably traversed on a mountain bike, North Kootenay Pass is one of them. South of Banff National Park to the US Border there are many historical high elevation trails crossing the Great Divide between Alberta and British Columbia. As we approached the false summit of Middle Kootenay Mountain we were growing concerned. North Kootenay Pass and the Canadian Southern Rockies Traverse. And it was also literally a cold shower with wind and snow starting to swirl around us and views closing in rapidly with the weather. Detailed measures the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) is taking in response to COVID-19. We decided to try to keep our feet dry by riding through the rushing water. Gintang ang Middle Kootenay Pass sa Kanada. Időjárási előrejelzés Middle Kootenay Pass-4 °C. My planned route was Nugara’s so-called “easier” left hand route. It details 23 winter ski touring routes as well as 5 summer hiking routes. As the snow whipped up around us (literally going UP instead of down thanks to the wind and cliffs) we poked along the scary ridge. We didn’t realize he’d done it at the time, but coming home I read his “right hand” option which ends up on the SW ridge. Gives a whole new meaning to the saying ‘being one with nature’ LOL! in our area by visiting BC Wildfire Services . Referring to Ptolemy Pass, the authors of the Interprovincial Boundary Survey Report wrote, "The name is due to the mountain which dominates the pass on the east side. One of the many advantages of scrambling in approach shoes (in this case La Sportiva TX3’s) is that they dry out much quicker than boots and don’t give blisters even if wet. Spectacular views as we descent Krowicki's south ridge. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. 38.1%. If a winter accident shuts down the TCH between Revelstoke and Golden, you're not getting better weather on the Crowsnest. Of course the sun was now shining – just in time for our scrambling to get easy again. There's a ferry south of Revelstoke and the Kootenay Pass on Hwy 3 between Salmo and Creston is higher than Rogers Pass on the TCh (highest pass in Canada that's open year round). If you’ve done most of the peaks in the Castle region, I highly recommend some adventuring to the Middlepass Creek / Lakes area. Trachyte and Piaysoo Peak lie across the large Flathead River. The far west ridge of Rainy, which is Nugara’s starting point, begins on the foreground left. But we made it and continued our descent to the col as the sun came out. RDCK monitoring fuel spill after Kootenay Pass crash - Updated. An endless line of Klondike gold rushers trudging up the steep snow-covered Chilkoot Pass sets the scene for North America's second-worst avalanche disaster on Palm Sunday, 1898. Why was it even a choice? Laika prognoze 10 dienām. Hiking back into Alberta at Middle Kootenay Pass. The entire Middlepass valley from Rainy and Three Lakes to Miles, Krowicki and Middle Kootenay (R). Summit Elevations (m): 2512, 2470, 2470Trip Date: Sunday, June 09, 2019 Round Trip Time (hr): 12 Elevation Gain (m): 2350 Total Trip Distance (km): 32 Quick ‘n Dirty Rating: Class 3 /4 – you fall, you break something or die (Krowicki) Difficulty Notes: A high level traverse of three relatively obscure peaks in the extreme SW corner of Castle Provincial Park above Middle Kootenay Pass and Middlepass Creek. The sun was back out as we walked through a tunnel of trees and shrubs, serenaded yet again by winged locals. We were planning a very full day of biking, hiking and peakbagging in the South Rockies within the newly formed Castle Wildland Provincial Park, near the Castle Mountain Ski Resort and just outside the other newly formed park, Castle Provincial Park. Also new are several scrambles around Crowsnest, Banff, Highway 93 North and Yoho. The cam exaggerates the angles a bit. Scarpe Mountain with Commerce Peak at distant right. INCIDENT: Highway 3, in both directions. Also new are several scrambles around Crowsnest, Banff, Highway 93 North and Yoho. This home was built in 1990 and last sold on 12/16/2014 for $155,333. There's a grizzly bear and two cubs down there somewhere! Kootenay Pass Winter storm warnings issued for Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 3 in southeast B.C. Somewhat – but not much! We are monitoring our operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and this page is updated as adjustments are made. (DBC-16852) Kootenay Lake Ferry : Kootenay Lake Ferry. Max-2° Min-8° Neděle. I knew from a recent Facebook post that the area around Mount Haig was snow free enough to scramble but was still expecting some winter snow around the Middle Kootenay Pass due to its location and the fact that it probably gets many feet of snow every winter. Kootenay Pass Hwy 3, Salmo Creston Highway Summit, looking east. The Kootenay Pass is one of the highest highway-served passes in Canada that is open year-round, although it is frequently closed in bad weather for avalanche control and clearing of debris. Packhorse Peak at left just beyond Tombstone. Szombat. Phil and I weren’t sure where “RA” Peak actually was! FISHING Per Permit. The timezone in Middle Kootenay Pass is America/Cambridge_Bay Morning Sunrise at 04:31 and Evening Sunset at 20:43. After hiking about halfway to Middle Kootenay Pass, we left the trail to gain the ridge of Little Middle. So we did. Miles at center and Krowicki just showing up at right. For Sale: 839000 - Residential, 5 bed, 4 bath, 4,200 sqft at Highway 31 11866 in Central Kootenay. We dismissed it and kept traversing around the east and then south aspects until we could see an obvious line to the col with a small unnamed summit south of Krowicki. A sow grizzly and cubs move off our descent route far below. They were 3 grizzlies – a momma and two cubs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The end of the easy biking. Kootenay NP, British Columbia 'Van cactus tot gletsjer', zo wordt het park dikwijls in één zin beschreven. Napkelte. Goatfell - W Hwy 3, near Goatfell, about 9 km northwest of Yahk, looking west. The Middle Kootenay Pass and Middlepass Lakes / Creek had provided us with a great traverse on the east side of the valley in the fall of 2018, so this time we settled on a traverse of its west side. We always love seeing smart bears. Kootenay Pass is a 6.6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Ymir, British Columbia, Canada that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. Technical Rating: SC7; YDS (4th) Map: Google Maps. This trail was last run in August 2014 Covid-19 precautions in place. This guide covers Waterton, The Castle and Kananaskis comprehensively, including ascents around Middle Kootenay Pass and a new section of The Ultimate High-Level Ridgewalks. Then it snowed. While he does mention one difficult section, he basically calls it “moderate” scrambling. Goatfell - W Hwy 3, near Goatfell, about 9 km northwest of Yahk, looking west. Időjárási előrejelzés Middle Kootenay Pass-4 °C. Leadville Rd Hwy 3, in Kitchener about 18 km east of Creston, looking east. On hindsight I should have taken the time to wade the stream barefoot and kept the shoes a bit drier, but that is not generally our “style”. After lucking out with conditions all day we were getting payback at the absolute worst time! COVID-19 Safety Plans & Guidelines. See other rides. Big Elbow and Little Elbow Trail – “Elbow Loop” Location: Elbow Valley. Follow direction of crew at all times. Kootenay Pass Hwy 3, Salmo Creston Highway Summit, looking east. Thanks to snow on the NW aspect, we were forced to attempt my line up the east face. 84.3%. A high level traverse on the west side of the Middlepass Creek Valley. As we descended out of the drainage to the exploration road, we gazed back at this scene many times – soaking it in for remembrance later. Crowsnest Pass Area; David Thompson Country; Don Getty Wildland Provincial Park ; East Kootenay; Glacier National Park – Canada; Height of the Rockies Provincial Park; Jasper National Park; Kananaskis Country; Kootenay National Park; Robson Provincial Park; Siffleur Wilderness Area; Wapta Icefield; Waterton Lakes National Park; White Goat Wilderness Area; Ya Ha Tinda; Yoho National Park; Wat

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