Crypto Market Restart Depends on STO

In 2019, security tokens cannot be ignored. It is on them that the main calculation of participants of the cryptocurrency market goes.

A rather short period of time has passed, which is marked by sudden changes in the “mood” in the cryptoindustry. It is worth remembering, for example, about courses known cryptocurrency. Bitcoin maximum of 19 thousand dollars and Ethereum – for 1300 dollars; as well as the capitalization of the crypto market, which exceeded $ 800 billion. A year later, we can observe a completely opposite picture. The expert community in this situation is inclined to two opinions, absolutely opposite to each other. Someone diligently believes in the take-off of the course of the first cryptocurrency, and someone calmly puts an end to the future development of the cryptographic market. But to be realistic, the current situation creates the conditions for the so-called “restart”, which is possible thanks to the entry into the market of security tokens and STO. Behind these concepts are new opportunities, such as: the release of companies to new financing, the emergence of new business models, capital inflows.

A number of problems of the existing crypto market will be solved sequentially. For example, working with STO excludes the presence of intermediaries, from which, frankly, stock markets are overloaded. The role of intermediaries is to implement multiple transactions. But this work is not free. All similar processes involve the presence of commissions, fees and other fees. Every day market participants must give a sufficient amount of their funds to pay for the services of intermediaries.

Security tokens completely exclude intermediaries from the chain, assigning their functions to themselves. Moreover, this type of tokens allows cryptocurrency holders to enter the realm of physical assets. Moreover, this process is also possible due to the presence of legal regulation.

Also a big advantage of the crypto market will be the opportunity to access new capital. Digital coins open venture business to investors. Only the main difference is the independence from time in the matter of profit. That, in principle, was impossible outside the cryptosphere.

For small and medium businesses will open doors to foreign markets. Especially this question concerns precisely the Russian projects that have a high need for this alternative.

Considering the projected development of a crypto market with the potential of security tokens, we can conclude that working with new business models will bring positive aspects for both parties. Both investors and the participating companies themselves receive a universal and convenient solution.

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