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We created STO Analytics because we believe that Security Token Offerings and cryptocurrencies are the future of the world of finance and investment. And we believe that at the initial stage of development, they need protection in order to prevent the repetition of the story with the ICO, which were also a good tool, but were used incorrectly and caused a lot of harm. If this happens again with STO, then there is a risk that confidence in cryptocurrencies will be undermined irreversibly. That is why we ourselves will adhere to certain ethics and call on all market participants to do the same.

Security Token Offering is the most convenient way to raise capital right now. And we have set ourselves the goal to structure information from the very beginning of the birth of this technology for the convenience and security of both investors and those who seek capital. Therefore, we provide a wide scope of services:

STO List (Security Tokens List, STO Calendar)
STO Issuance Platforms List
STO Launch Services
STO Promotion
STO Glossary
STO News
Tokenized Real Estate List
List of Security Token Exchanges

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